Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Autumn/Halloween Show & Tell

We are ready for a spook-tacular Halloween! 

I asked Katie this morning if she liked her haunted house.  She said our house wasn't a haunted house.  I asked her what she meant because we have all the decorations and spiderwebs.  She told me that she wanted a haunted house you make like a gingerbread house.  LOL!  We have a small communication problem in this household.  Here all my child wanted was a gingerbread house made like a haunted house and I thought she was wanting to turn our house into a haunted house.  LOL!  O-kay.

This is what happens when you don't clean your house for a month.  LOL! 

Handprint Bat
I finally got to finish making the kids their handprint bat.  I originally got the idea from DLTK, but I did mine a little different.  The only difficult part was tracing a toddler's hand.  LOL! 

Katie's Bat

Colton's Bat
What You Need:
Black glitter foam sheet without adhesive back (you may need 2 sheets, remember you will be cutting out for hands, body & head)
White foam sheet with adhesive back
Small Goggly eyes
1/2" Pom Pom (for the nose)
Bat Template
Glue Gun
Needle and Thread

Print out the bat template that's provided by DLTK.  CLICK HERE  for the DLTK instructions.  They also provide a poem to go along with the bat. 


Turn the black glitter sheet backward with the non-glitter side facing.  Trace your child's hands on the foam.  Remember to not waste any space, remember you have to cut a body and head out of the same sheet.  If you don't think it will be enough, you have to get 2 sheets. 

Cut the handprints out.  Using the bat template, above, trace and cut out the body and head. 

Glue the head to the body.  Once dried, glue the handprints to the body. 

Using the white adhesive foam sheet, cut small triangles for fangs.  Hobby Lobby didn't have the white glitter adhesive foam available, so I used plain white.  I think the white glitter would be better.  Set the fangs aside.

Glue the goggly eyes onto the bat.  Place the fangs and glue the pom pom for the nose. 

When your bat is good and dry, I used a needle and thread and strung him up to the ceiling. 

So cute and simple. 


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Laura said...

Tell Katie her Louisiana cousins are scared silly!! Great job!! I love it!!