Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stay Tuned . . .

Well, it took patience that I don't have and lots of hard work where's the Advil?, but I finally finished decorating inside the house for Fall. I say Fall because I don't have a whole lot of Thanksgiving items, so I go ahead and include them with the Halloween and other Fall decorations.

Katie informed me today that she wanted our house to look more like a haunted house. Where does she get these ideas? So, I spread spiderwebs along a section of the house (between the Living Room and Dining/Kitchen area). I have bookoodles of plastic spiders from past Halloweens to display all over the webs. Pretty spooky. Plus, we had to add our fuzzy spiders into the mix. I finally finished the our last craft, handprint bats, for both Colton and Katie. They turned out so cute.

Unfortuately, you'll have to wait for pictures. I ran out of time too tired to take pictures.

I've gotten so many neat and cute decoration ideas from other websites and bloggers that I'm having a very hard time stopping. I have to stop my bank account is telling me to stop! Oh but I just can't help it, I mean look at this cutie that Crafty Lynn made to welcome her little beggars. 

Isn't this ghost cute? I just love it and it is so cheap to make. You'll have to check it out.

Don't forget the Halloween Party that's going on at Eighteen 25, there are continuous bloggers posting their creations on their blog.  Sooo many cute ideas! 

Plus, let's not forget Amanda's book giveway for Halloween.  She's got such a selection for the book readers.  You'll have to go over and take part. 



AmandaRose said...

Aww, thanks for the shout out! I am loving all y'alls halloween crafts, it's getting me so excited! I think I might be crafting a wrath for the season soon...squeee!

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