Monday, October 11, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Patch

Katie was out of school today for Columbus Day and I told her that we would do something fun for her day off. I gave her lots of suggestions to choose from: picnic in the park, shopping, go to a museum or explore a national park. As I was checking out my FB friends, I noticed where a friend took her children to the pumpkin patch this past weekend. What fun? I mentioned it to Katie and she was all for it. The problem was I've never been there. I've always known it was there, but never had the opportunity to go and didn't know how to get there. Thank goodness for GPS! If it wasn't for it, we would have been lost as a goose in high weeds.

As soon as everyone got out of bed, dressed and breakfast ate, we headed to the pumpkin patch. I knew it was going to be a trip for our crew, so I packed snacks and drinks.

On the way there, I was ready to turn down a road. Unfortunately, the road was blocked because it was being patched up and the road crew wouldn't let me turn. Ugh! One of the crew members told me that it would be 10-12 minutes before the road could be driven on. What now? I decided to go on down the road. I figured if anything, I'd go down the road a little ways and turn around and go back. That was the time, my GPS announced it was recalculating. Once I reached the next road, the GPS told me to turn down that road to get to the patch. Okay, things were looking up. The road took us straight to the patch, it just took a little longer than the other road. Man, I was glad I wasn't driving down this creepy road in the middle of the night. SPOOKY! I would guess there was forest to my left and forest to my right for a good 2-3 miles, no signs of human existance. To top it all off, Katie requested that we listen to our Halloween CD this morning. By this time, the theme music to the movie "Halloween" came on. Eerie! When I thought that was spooky enough, we soon came up on a single car tunnel to go under a train track. EECK! I told Katie to hold her breath. I started popping off jokes to Katie like "do you think we'll see Big Foot?" Katie felt like she need to calm me down by telling me there is no such thing and it will be alright. About 5 miles later, we finally arrived. Shew!
The Great Pumpkin Patch

I love this Pumpkin Patch! It is so clean and there's something for everyone. We were lucky to park very close to the entrance, so we went back and forth a lot. I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone and we will definitely be coming back.

They have everything to offer: covered wagon/tractor rides to pick your pumpkin,

pony rides

Bungee Jumping



Train/Gator Rides

food, toys, and petting zoo. 

Having a little snack
They even have a stage set up by the pavilions of picnic tables. After Katie did the inflatables, she had to go potty. Expecting all dirty restrooms because they were outside, I was very surprised to see how clean they were. The pumpkins, out in the field were already picked and cleaned off. We got a beautiful pumpkin and we didn't have to search very hard. The workers were sweet and helpful with me and kids. All smiles and fun.

I got lots of pictures of the kids. Katie was biting at the bit because she wanted to go play, but she had to wait until I finished taking pictures. If you are planning to go to the patch, bring cash. To get directions, schedule and prices, CLICK HERE!  Katie and Colton had a blast! We hated to see our fun leave, but we were wiped out and we didn't get make it to the petting zoo or train ride.


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