Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Times

It's day 7 since our big Winter Blast and there are only traces of snow left to remind of us of the miraculous day. Katie was so sad last night when our snowlady, Ella, lost a LOT of weight. Her hat didn't fit anymore. Her sunglasses fell off of her face. The purse she once held high was now laying lifeless on the dead grassy ground. "Aww, mom, look at our snowlady." Katie said as we were driving up the driveway. She's been so use to greeting Ella everyday and now it's time for her to go. Such sad goodbyes from Katie. She told us that she wanted it to snow, so Ella wouldn't have to leave us. Sometimes, it's just hard for a child to understand life. We told her that it would snow again someday. Shoot, Peggy and Millard were telling us an ol' wives tale that if snow covers the ground after 3 days, it will show back up. Meteorologist are already predicting snow flurries by the end of the week. Nothing big. Needless to say, Katie sadly picked up Ella's button nose, the buttons from her white dress, sunglasses and purse off of the ground. She went ahead and took off her hat, scarf, and flower that was pinned in her white hair. Then with a sneaking grin on Katie's face, she asked me if she could knock Ella down. "Sure, go after it." I told her, granting permission for her to demolish the once Ella the snowlady that we created just 5 days ago. I think she had more fun kicking, hitting, and knocking her down then when we created her. It did take a long time to gather up all the snow and shape her, about an hour, compared to the few seconds it took to knock her head off onto the ground.

June and Pat came over Saturday night telling us about this house close to Doug's parents home that was for sale. They went on to tell us how we needed to act on it because we could probably get a very good deal on the property. A 3 bedroom, 2 bath, full basement, garage, a couple of storage buildings, stocked pond and 39 acres for $300,000. Not having that kind of money, I rolled my eyes. They told us ways we could afford it, using our home equity from our house. Anyway, like crazy people with no money, we meet with the homeowner to checkout the house and property. The property is beautiful and the house is nice on the outside, nice manicured lawn. Doug didn't like the inside of the house. She had put a lot money into decorating it. Etched glass doors, portable gas fireplace, expensive fans in the Kitchen and Living Room. The bedrooms were a little bigger than ours, but overall you still had this sense of being cramped. Doug didn't like the house because he felt it was still too small. June, Katie and I walked up to the pond. You could tell it had been taken care of. On a funny note, as we were walking up to the pond, June saw something moving in the weeds. At first, I asked if it was a snake. I HATE SNAKES! "No," she said. She thought it looked like an armadillo. By that time, I saw the tall weeds moving. It had an appearance of running away from us. So like any redneck girls, we ran after it. {haha!} Still thinking it was an armadillo. The creature stopped at the edge of the pond, turned around and looked at us. We all stopped in our tracks, I grabbed Katie and backed up. It was a oppossum. LOL! It wasn't hissing at us, but I was afraid that we would give it a sense of being cornered and that it would try to attack us. We backed away far enough to stop and allow Katie to get a good look at him. He was a big fat oppossum. I couldn't believe it because you normally don't see them during the day. On the way back to the house, we were laughing while trying to catch our breath. Us walking around this place, reminds me of home. The house, I grew up in, were basically surrounded by woods and pasture. I lived on 10 acres of fun rolling fields and trees to climb. I loved making forts and climbing haystacks into my clocktower. Like Katie, I had a huge imagination. I practically lived in the woods to the side of us and across the road. I wouldn't go home until my mom rang the cow bell, for me to come home. As a parent, I wouldn't dream of allowing my children to go off without any supervision, but the world is different today. I could see Katie and Colton running along the terrace rows or climbing up the trees in the back of this house or building forts and castles in the woods. Saying all this, honestly I don't think this is the place for us. Like I said, we do not have this kind of money and I'm afraid this house would still be too small.

Katie is out of school again today. She has missed a lot of school days and she's at the point to where she doesn't mind. At first, she missed Mrs. M and all of her friends. Seven days later, she doesn't care to go back. She's gotten use to me being her teacher and staying at home. This is not a good thing for any of us. It will be hard for Katie to get up tomorrow morning and go to school. All last week, I've had a terrible time keeping her in her bed during bedtime. Last night, I finally gave in and let her come into our bed for a little bit, as long as she would not get wound up. I turned on the radio and the next thing I knew both Katie and Colton were on the floor dancing. It was pretty funny to watch them. I'm such a push over.

Doug has given me such a hard time about Colton's hair. In my mind, I thought he would look cute with a short short hair cut. Besides, his hair grows so fast. I've cut his hair a few times and the lady that does my hair has cut his hair a of couple times. Normally, I use my hair scissors to trim him up, but I worry Doug everytime I bring them out. He told me that he wished I would use his trimmers to cut Colton's hair. Well, this time I did. I set the guard at 7 and went at it. At first I was thinking to myself, "what am I doing? I'm ruining his hair." Of course, when you start you've got to finish. Right? Please keep in mind that his hair was really shaggy and long. Once I finished, it took some getting use to it. Yesterday, I put a little hair putty (I used when I had short hair) in his hair. Awww! It is so cute and I really like it. On a sad note, he doesn't look like a baby anymore. He is a little man now with his clean cut do. The next time, I wouldn't mind keeping the top a little longer and trimming the back clean cut. Back to Doug, I don't know if he likes it or not. He tells me he likes it, but to hear him talk to other people about it keeps me confused. He tells others, "you've got to see Colton's new hair cut that Mirya did." This sentence seems to be always followed by a laugh from him. Hearing this makes me automatically drop my jaw and push the sound "ugh!" out of my throat. Well, I like it and it will grow back out.

Movie Review

Doug brought "Knight and Day" home the other day. I have to say this was a pretty funny movie. I wish Tom Cruise (as wacked out as he has become) would do more comedy movies. There were so many twists and turns in this movie that it kept my attention, but not too much to where you don't know what's going on. "Knight and Day" would make a good datenight.



Laura said...

You must post pics of Colton's hair! It's a must see!

your friends the keyes said...

i'm with laura.. we need to see what the fuss is about with that description of a haircut. lol.