Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Day 5

Day 5

Well, we woke up this morning to a whole 9 degrees outside. Of course, Katie was out of school again, so we had class in the Dining Room today. We reviewed sight words and math problems. After the review, I gave her a quiz. She did pretty good. I had her write two stories that I started and read her books aloud.  If you can imagine, Katie had to dress up for homeschool every morning this week.  The dress included her Minnie Mouse ears or one of her headbands. 

While we did classwork, Doug stayed busy cleaning off the driveway. It still had some ice on it. After all of Katie's studies, she was ready to release some steam. She got all coated up and outside we went. I was telling Doug yesterday how I don't ever remember seeing snow on the ground for 5 solid days. And I know I've never been out of school for a solid week like Katie because of the snow and ice. Our neighbor told me, while she was driving down the highway it reminded her of when she lived in Indiana because of all the dirty snow on the sides of the road.
Ice in our driveway that Doug worked on today.  By this afternoon, he got it all off. YAY!

Katie wanted to go for a hike outside. I grabbed the camera and outside we went on an adventure. One of our neighbors has a huge hill and Katie had a blast trying to climb up and slide down the hill. I had fun taking snow photos of my little snow bunny.

Snowlady, Ella, is still hanging in there after 5 days

Mommy's Snow Bunny

Ice and Snow on our street on day 5

Katie climbing a big hill - she loved it!
A lot of people have complained about all the snow and ice. Honestly, I've loved it. I'm sure if I lived in it all the time every year, I would probably get tired of it just like I get tired of our hot humid triple digit Summer months. I can't stand our hot triple digit Summers.

We actually reached a balmy 41 degrees this afternoon.  It was nice to see the sun out all day, instead of a peek every now and then.  The high temps with the help from the sun, a lot of ice and snow melted.  Don't get me wrong, we still have quite a bit of ice and snow for tomorrow. 

Once Doug got all the ice off of our driveway, we loaded up and went for a drive in town. We were running low on food, so we ended up at Walmart. This may sound a little dramatic, but hey it's me. Looking out the window onto all the lawns of white snow, it was beautiful.  Have you ever seen snow that's beginning to melt?  With the sun shining down, it has this diamond glisten to it.  As we were driving, it was as if God dressed the dirty, ugly, dead ground with a beautiful silk cloth.  The most delicate, expensive, white silk that you would find a bride wearing on the day of her wedding. 

Walmart was full of cabin fever survivors.  I don't think they were able to replenish their shelves because it still looked bare.  The most crowded aisles were the snacks and chips.  LOL!  Why is it when you are stranded at home, the only food items that's appealing are unhealthy?  Of course, we ran into a few people that we knew.  Millard and Peggy were there, so Katie went with them shopping.  Later, they came by the house and picked a few clothes for Katie and took her home with them.  HAHA!  I know it was a treat for Katiebug.  She took an armful of dolls and a couple of movies that she wanted to watch with her grandparents. 

We are expecting some warmer temperatures this weekend.  Rain is supposed to be coming in on Monday or Tuesday, but I'm already hearing threats of snow flurries by the end of the week.  I don't think it will be anything big. 


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