Monday, January 10, 2011

The Morning After The Storm

I think I finally went to bed around midnight or so.  I'm like a kid when we have storms of any kind, too excited to think about sleep.  I kept people updated during the night as far as how many inches we were receiving. 

This morning, I was the first to go out and survey all the snow accumulation.  HAHA! Actually, I knew we would need our thermals, blue jeans and lots of sweatshirts washed.  I just thought, since I was bundled up anyway, I'll go check it out and take a few pictures.  Overall, we measured anywhere between 5-6 inches of snow and our drifts measured between 7-9 inches.  There is a nice sheet of ice on top of the white fluffy snow.  Of course, under the snow it seems to be another thin sheet of ice.  So, everyone has to be very careful today as they get around.  It is so beautiful and peaceful outside.  Walking around in the deep snow, I could see evidence of bunnies out, probably looking for food and shelter.  I took a picture of one area where they dug by a tree, I suppose to get down to the grass.  It is very cold out, so you can't stay outside for very long.  It didn't take Katie very long, when she got up, to get her clothes on and ready to be apart of this miraculous and historic event.  Right off the bat, she wanted to make a snowlady and snow angels.  It was a little hard for her to make the snow angels because of the ice on top, but she was able to do it.  The snowlady wasn't as bad, it just took some time.  Time that Katie felt she didn't have because her fingers were so cold.  Now, I've never lived up North, so my snowman building skills are something I need to work on.  Saying that, I don't think I did half bad.  I know it's the tallest snowlady I've ever made before.  I'm sure if I wanted to stay outside a little longer, she could have been much bigger.  However, Katie thinks she perfect and with all of her accessories, she is the snowlady with the most style on the block.  LOL! 


At noon, the temperature got to 33 degrees, so the snow on top of trees and houses seem to be melting just a little bit.  Tonight that won't be so great when the temp dips down into the teens.  I have a feeling no one will be able to go anywhere tomorrow as well.  Further North of us, it is even worse with lots more ice and snow.  Our friend from Florence received approximately 10 inches of snow and Huntsville is reporting anywhere between 8-10 inches.  All the major roads are closed for non-emergency vehicles and the road departments are very busy clearing the roads and spreading salt.  Of course, Doug is home today, but he's already thinking that he may not be able to make it to work tomorrow.  The meterologist are saying with all the snow and ice that it will be several days before the snow will leave, especially with us not getting much warmer anytime soon. 

Meanwhile, Katie and I baked some chocolate chip cookies and the menus for tonight's supper will be baked Tilapia, baked potato and salad. Yum! Y'all stay warm!

All of today's pictures will be on a separate post from Shutterfly. Enjoy!



Laura said...

Alise is SO jealous! I showed her the pics and all she said was, "No Fair!" and "I wish I lived in Alabama." She is bored out of her mind and driving me crazy!! I'll be glad when she's back in school tomorrow. All we got was a little ice. It's melting now and she thinks it's snowing. The wishful thinking of a 5 year old.

your friends the keyes said...

That is one of the cutest snowlady's i have ever seen. Very nice job on that as well.