Sunday, January 9, 2011

South's Winter Storm 2011

FUN!  We just thought a White Christmas was awesome and a wonderful gift, we are expected to receive anywhere between 4-8 inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow.  YAY!  Doug measured our snow level at 10PM and we show to have received 3 inches of snow already and it started snowing at 6PM.  It's suppose to snow all night into tomorrow.  Areas south of us are to expect most of the ice along with the snow.  I think there will be ice and freezing rain as far as Mobile.  The news has been reporting some travel problems and wrecks in Birmingham area.  The State started closing roads and overpasses as early as 8PM because of the ice and snow.  Lots of area schools and businesses have gone ahead and closed for tomorrow.  As soon as I told Katie that she was out of school at 5PM, she began dancing and screaming.  Shocked, I asked her that I thought she liked school.  She said that she does, but she gets to stay home and play in the snow tomorrow.  HAHA! 

Some people really hates snow, well I'm not one of those people.  I LOVE SNOW!!  I think it's because we don't get to see it much.  The last time we've had a BIG snow storm like this was in 1993.  I remember drifts of snow that were as high as my head and I'm 5' 7".  It was great!  At the time, I was working part time at Bookland aka Books a Million and going to college.  Now, I get to watch my children build their own memories. 

Katie was biting at the bit, wanting to get out in the snow.  We bundled both kids up real good and let them get out in it for approximately 2-3 minutes.  It began snowing around 6PM and we let them out in the snow by 8PM.  They had a ball.  This was Colton's first time to actually get to play in the snow.  I think he liked it a lot because he didn't want to come back in the house.  In the house, he kept pointing to outside and talking jibber.  Of course, Katie had to make a snow angel and throw snow balls to Colton and her daddy.  We had to get on to her because she was throwing the snow right in Colton's face.  Of course, she thought it was hilarious.  SIBLINGS!  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  We'll have lots more in the morning.  I can't wait to see how much we'll end up having. 

I want to tell you, I had to get a few groceries Thursday night and yeah there were quite a few people inside Walmart, but the shelves were still stocked pretty good.  Friday, I took Katie to Walmart to do a little shopping (as a reward for such good DIBELS scores).  The crowd wasn't that bad and the shelves were still stocked.  Yesterday, Doug and I went to see my niece play ball.  On the way home, Doug mentioned that we were low on milk.  So, we wheeled into Walmart's parking lot.  OMGosh!  Doug ended up dropping me off at the door.  I grabbed a gallon of milk, bread, lunch meat and some junk food because it just goes great with a snow storm.  I mostly grabbed things that I knew the kids liked to eat.  Looking around, I was so shocked how empty the shelves were of EVERYTHING.  And the people that were crawling all over the place grabbing and snatching food and drinks.  It's amazing. 

Pictures are supplied by Shutterfly in the post below.

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