Friday, January 14, 2011

Just For Fun!

Now that I've reported about all the Winter Weather happenings, it's time for fun!

I've had time to do a lot of catch up on most all the blogs that I following. When I saw this Vera Bradley Purse cake from Living Locurto, I  immediately thought of Laura and her passion for Vera Bradley.  According to Amy, her friend Christy made this cake.  All I can say, she is one talented lady.  The craftmanship that's put into a cake like this makes me want to pick my jaw up off the floor.  Check out the photos:

I don't know about you, but I love the idea of Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock together.  Ahh! I just think he is gorgeous and she is so beautiful.  What a perfect couple!  Of course, Hollywood will come into effect and will try it's hardest to keep them apart.  For right now, I think it's great! 

Great Finds
Katie and I have found a great find during this very Wintry week.  We are a very big cheese eating family.  I keep a stock of slice cheese, deli cheese, cheese sticks and shredded cheese.  Not to mention the cheese dips and mac & cheese for the kids.  Well, we wanted to try Farm Rich's Mozzarella Bites and all I can say is OMGosh!  It's sooooo good.  You've got mozzarella squares surrounded by pizza dough.  This is probably so full of calories and saturated fat, but we are not going to go there this week.  They are delicious, so delicious that I grabbed another bag from Walmart's freezer section.  Yum!  You might want to take note for your next get together.  They are great appetizers, be prepared because they won't last long because they are that good. 

Just throw these babies into the microwave and your set for a tasty snack

So True!



Laura said...

I love that cake! I need to show it to Wayne for my birthday! HA! My friend Cyndi {who makes all of Alise's birthday cakes} could probably do a close second to it!

As far as Ryan Reynolds, I think he's very cute, too, but isn't Sandra old enough to be his mama??

Anonymous said...

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