Monday, January 10, 2011

My Heart Felt Wreath

 I followed the instructions - HERE - from The Idea Room, but I made a couple of tweaks of my own. 
Like instructed, I used 3/4 yd of pink felt.  Taking a teacup, I laid the open end and drew a circle onto a piece of card stock paper, for a template.  I pinned the template onto the felt and cut out SEVERAL circles. 

The Idea Room instructs you to pin the ribbon onto the back of the stryofoam, but I wanted to secure it a little better.  I cut 16 inches of ribbon, wrapped it around the top part of the heart and hot glued it in place as seen here.

I folded the circles in half and then folded it in half again, making a little rose tip.  I placed a straight pin through the pointed end of the halfed felt.  The Idea Room had their rose felt tips placed very close to one another, but I kind of like them ruffled out a little.  I think it's whatever you prefer. 

Katie and I love our finished product and it looks so well on our front door.  Katie's excited because I promised that after Valentine's Day, I would hang the wreath in her room on the wall.  She was so excited that she easily grabbed the wreath and began heading for her room with it.  I had to remind her that she could have it after Valentine's Day.  Of course, her bottom lip came out.  LOL! 



your friends the keyes said...

that wreath turned out really cute! i like the pink even better than the red one they did. nice!

Anonymous said...

Super Cute!