Friday, June 1, 2007

Your Dreams are Wish Your Heart Makes . . .

We have a party now! Tonight, Katie and I went to Party City and would not leave until we both agreed on a theme. She wanted Little Mermaid, but there was hardly any decorations to get other than the plates, napkins & table cover. I first thought I would be creative and splash a little under the sea type decorations, but I just didn't care for anything I saw. We went back and I held up two plates. One was Little Mermaid (alone) and the other was the Fairy-tale Princesses (includes all the Disney Princesses). She had the hardest time to decide because she wanted both of them. She finally grabbed the Fairy-tale plate. Shhhhuu! I was glad that was over and pleasantly surprised. I honestly thought I was going to have to leave that store, bringing home a Shrek party. I didn't get everything pictured on the left, but very close to it. I think the castle centerpiece is what makes it. Don't you? While we were at Party City, Katie made a friend, Rachel. She looked to be maybe 7 years old. Her birthday was in July as well, so her Mommy & I talked about the party stuff and how confusing it was - yada, yada, yada. I was glad Rachel was there to keep Katie occupied while I shopped. I don't like going to the closest Toys R Us store for us because it is in the bad side of town, so Doug was nice enough to go with us, after he got home from work. Katie is on such a Mermaid kick, especially now with the party, that she went crazy over all the Mermaid toys at the store. I let her walk around the store for the most part. That's were all the fun is - walking around and seeing all the great things in a toy store. I guided her around to the toys she's mostly interested in - pretend dress up, dolls, etc. She had a blast! We went ahead and let her pick out the doll she wanted. It was a hard choice between the "Wizard of Oz" witch and "Little Mermaid." After much deliberation and Daddy's patience wearing thin, she put the witch down and got back in the buggy with her mermaid doll. We won't give it to her until her birthday. Katie has this doll (we bought when we visiting relatives), it's made by "You & Me" named "Darla." The doll giggles, if you squeeze her tummy or tickle her toes. She cries if you rub her arm & says "Momma," if you rub her cheek. She even makes a sucking sound when you give her her special bottle. Anyway, Darla is a big deal at the house. Katie loves her Darla, so I thought I would get Darla some new clothes to wear. We got her some PJ's, which comes with a pillow to lay her head on and bunny slippers. You can get all kinds of accessories & even furniture for Darla. She's a cutie! We all love Darla! We went to Target, hoping to find a Jumpoline for Katie but they didn't have them in stock. I think I'm kind of changing my mind about the whole Jumpoline. Katie has so many toys as it is outside and the only thing she'll really play with is her sand box and cars. After her party and Alise goes home, she may never step foot in that Jumpoline again. Doug and I were talking about a Play Tent, which suits us better. If she doesn't use it, fold it up and store it away. She'll be able to play with it much long then a year or two, especially if we get the Over sized Cottage Play Tent. If we decide to get this tent, I may have to order it because Target didn't have it in stock either. Katie & I went through the toy section and we saw this magical wand and shoe set. She wouldn't put it down. It is pretty neat. You press a color button & then press this main button and both the shoes & wand light up. It tells you what princess goes with the color you selected. It's like a wireless system between the wand and shoes. Here's another present down. Katie liked this other wand, but it had a string of pearls on it and I was afraid they would come off. I hated to take it away from her and put it back, but that's when I found the wand & shoe set.

Today, Katie and I dropped off some movies Doug rented for me. They were all chick flicks - "Because I Said So," "Catch & Release," and "The Painted Veil." I was a little disappointed with Jennifer Gardner in "Catch & Release." I like Jennifer as an actress, but I thought this movie was a little ho hum for me. I was pleasantly surprised with "The Painted Veil." It is not meant to be seen in the presence of children (some sex scenes). It was a little rocky in the beginning, but the ending was so unexpected and beautiful. It was very well scripted. The credits acted as if it was based on a novel. I would love to read it, if it's not too long. I prefer short story to a big novel. Then there is "Because I Said So." If you haven't seen it, you've got to get it. Again, not meant to be seen in the presence of small children. It is so funny! Doug and I kept giggling throughout the whole movie. I recommend this movie! We left the Movie Gallery and mailed Emma's birthday package (I know there's a chance it will get to her late, but I had a little problem). I'm hoping it will get to Allan on her birthday. We left the Post Office and went to the Library. Katie loves going to the Library and she does so good. I let her go back to her area, while I dropped off books and DVDs. This past couple of weeks, we checked out "An American Tail" and "Angelina Ballerina" DVD movies. I've been dying to start reading "Angelina Ballerina" books to Katie, so I thought I would introduce her to Angelina. She liked the whole mouse concept, but after the first few minutes of Angelina, Katie was off doing other things. In fact, she found an Angelina Ballerina doll in Toys R Us today and she remembered seeing her. She patted her on the head and made sure I knew Angelina was there. I asked her if she liked Angelina - "Uh, Huh!" she said. We left it at that. I guess the "Angelina Ballerina" books will have to wait another year. I can't find them at the Library or I would check them out and see how she does. This time, we checked out a Strawberry Shortcake DVD along with 12 other books. We have to read at least one book a night. I've been encouraging her to pick out her own books that might interest her. She picked out a "Bear in the Blue House" book and told me she wanted a "Blue's Clues" book. I looked high and low for a "Blue's Clues" book, but I couldn't find one. I did find "The Polar Express." I want to get her the book for her collection so bad, but I don't know if she's ready for it. Doug and I got her the movie last year for Christmas, but I think it might be too old for her right now. I checked out "The Polar Express" today, hopefully she will enjoy it. If I kind of know how the story goes, I'll add sound effects and change my voice to make it more interesting. I'm just glad no adults listen to me! I would be so embarrassed. I noticed the Library Staff added a new little edition - A spider! Katie has to see Eeck & Squeak (two white mice) at the Library everytime we go inside, but this time there was a new edition a Tarantula. Katie has never seen one before, so I showed her where it was and it was a spider. That's all it took. As I was checking out the books, she stood by the spider and told everyone (as loud as she could) in the Library (whether they wanted to know or not), there was a spider.

I called the oral surgeon today and scheduled an appointment for a consultation with the doctor. The earliest they could fit me is on June 14th. I think I'm going to ask his advice, if I should do the procedure before the party or after depending on recovery time. In a way, I want to get it done and out of the way because if I continue to think about it, I'm afraid I won't do it. Yes, I'm chicken, yellow belly, scary cat - call me all the names you want because that's me.

Tomorrow, Katie and I have a baby shower to go to. Doug will have the house all to himself for a few hours because I plan to stop by WalMart after the shower and pick up the remaining items I need for Katie's birthday party. I would also like to stop off at the Bakery and see if they can make a Fairy-tale Princess Pull A Part Cupcakes. I would prefer the cupcakes (pull a part) instead of a sheet cake.

I hope you have a great weekend! Take care of each other and God Bless You!

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