Monday, April 30, 2007

SINUS SEASON - You've Gotta Love It!

I haven't blogged in a few days because I've been under the weather. We've been dealing with my sometimes severe headaches for the past couple of weeks. I was hoping the rest from the computer might help relieve some of the pain. They're nothing serious just sinus and possibly because I think I threw my back out this past weekend from moving blocks. No, not Katie's play blocks either. We had some bricks and blocks piled outside our fence and Katie likes to climb on them. For fear that she might break a limb, I decided to get my wheel barrel and move them. Sounds simple doesn't it. The only thing is I'm 33 years old and not 23 years old anymore. I've tried not to say anything to Doug about it because I know I'll get a speech from him, but there really wasn't that many. I even tried to do the proper stance when picking up heavy objects. I don't think it helped or I was doing it wrong, one or the other. Well that's enough of that.

We really didn't do anything special this weekend. Millard got a new computer, so Doug was able to help him install his programs and other software for him. Meanwhile, Peggy, Katie and myself enjoyed a nice visit. I was telling Peggy about Katie's birthday party and gift ideas. I told her how I've been looking at getting Katie a tricycle, but didn't know if she could ride one right now. Well, Millard went out to their shed and got Doug's old tricycle, refurbished, to see if Katie could ride it. It was a little big, but I think the one, I was looking at, at WalMart would be a perfect size for her.

Sunday, Katie got to move up a class in Sunday School. Her regular class for one year olds was getting rather large and the room is small. Our Children's Minister and friend asked me if Katie would be alright moving up a class even though she's not two years old yet. I thought it was a good idea and she could use the challenge. I'm hoping it will help her with her speech and social skills. She says her words good, but sometimes she brings back the baby talk "jabber." I try not to force her to use her words, but I do remind her to do so. She can do it, I've heard her. So, I'm hoping this move will help bring it out. The two year old class is pretty big, but the room is a little bigger than the one year olds. Plus, she will be introduced to the inside playground and from what I understand, she does real well with it. I was so proud of her Sunday. I took her to her class and she went right in without any crying and carrying on. She acted as if she knew what she was doing. I knew the ladies who were taking care of her and they went on and on about how well she did. They thought it was so cute how she talked to herself on the way back from the playground. When I picked her up, she was looking at a book with another little girl I know. The little girl's name is Rowe. Isn't that an unusual name, but catchy.

I guess our rest this past weekend was to get us ready for the next few weeks. Wow! We have a very busy month ahead of us. This week, I have to get ready for Decoration Day (baskets, flowers & food). Friday, Natalie has her Confirmation at church, Sunday is decoration for both churches Doug and I grew up in. The next week, we have to get ready for our trip down South. Ryan graduates college! Woo Hoo! Congratulations Ry - You finally did it! Of course, there's Mother's Day, Doug, Jon, Alise & Peggy's Birthdays. Oh, get this - I'm going to try and make my 15th year Class Reunion. Am I crazy or what? We can't stay long, thank goodness, because we're going to try and take Peggy out for her Birthday Supper that night. What a busy month? Bear with me, if you don't see many blogs from me. But just think of the pictures we'll have to post for everyone to see.

I have this idea for decorating the graves for Decoration Day. A couple of years ago, this lady brought in a square basket with a handle to put on a grave. The neat thing about it is inside the basket she had an assortment of annuals, still in their cartons. You couldn't see the cartons or dirt because she placed Spanish moss on top of the cartons. She put a pretty bow on one side of the handle. It was so pretty how it was arranged. I didn't get to do it last year, but I'm trying my best to do it this year for both churches. After visiting the churches, we are planning to go back to Millard & Peggy's (with the rest of the family) for lunch. I'm going to try this new recipe I came across, yes I know it can be dangerous, but it sounds real good. It's called a Chocolate Cherry Pie. It has chocolate pudding, cherry pie filling & cool whip mixed together and poured into a chocolate pie crust with some more pie filling on top for garnishing. If you like cherries and chocolate - Doesn't that sound good? Yummy! For me, anything with chocolate in it has got to be good. I'm even training Katie right, she loves chocolate and she can say it so plain. During Easter, I spoiled her with Cadbury's Chocolate Eggs - her favorite, just like me! Now, she requests "chocolate eggs" all the time. I tell her we're all out of chocolate eggs and I give her Hershey Kisses instead and she seems to be okay with it. One day, I confused chocolate eggs with scrambled eggs. Every morning, I ask her what she wants to eat (so she'll eat) and one morning she asked for "eggs." Well, I thought she was talking about scrambled eggs (with ketchup). She looked at me so funny when I gave her scrambled eggs and said, "no Mommy, no." "Eggs!" she said. I asked her if she wanted chocolate eggs. "Uh, huh," she said. After that day, it's been "chocolate eggs."

As far as the birthday, I haven't ruled out any possibilities especially a Jungle Party. I've told you how Katie is fascinated with Lions, well check this out: . I tried to paste just the picture of the Lion prop, but there must be a protection on it, so you'll have to go to the website. Sorry! I will have to say, this might be better for older birthday parties. Oriental Trading sells jungle animal inflatables for nearly nothing, but I have to remember she will be the only child at this party. Bless her heart! The cousins close to her age don't live close by here. Sometimes I feel bad and think that maybe it's time for us to try for another baby, but then Katie and I have our bad days and I think "Thank you Dear Lord" for reminding me to wait a little longer.

Take care & hopefully it won't be so long before the next time I blog. You know me - lengthy blogs. Sorry!

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