Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Baby Doll Cradle is Finished!

Mom and I have been working on Katie's baby doll cradle for the past couple of days and finally finished it. I'll try to show pictures tomorrow because I didn't have time to take pictures today. The cradle turned out so cute. I cut out the patterns for the bed skirt & cover, while Mom sewed it together. I had some extra material left over, so I made her a little pillow to go inside the bed. Mom told me she came across some pastel yarn she had at the house, so she is going to try and crochet Katie a baby doll blanket for her doll bed. I thought that was such a nice idea and it would be something Katie can cherish for a long time. I love doing projects together with my Mom, building memories. We kept catching ourselves being a perfectionist and we had to remind each other we were making this for a two year old. I know enough about sewing to be dangerous. The communication between Mom and myself was hilarious because I couldn't remember the sewing terminology. Mom would look at me so confused and ask "what?" I kept calling the pattern a template because that's what you would call it on the computer. Then she would say something that I didn't understand, so I would ask her to explain further. I'm slowly catching up with all I have to do.

I had such a good day. Of course, Mom came over this morning to finish the doll bed skirt and a friend of ours, Debra, asked to come over for lunch. I think Debra and Mom are both planning to join water aerobics at our local hospital rehab center. A while back, I explained to Debra about Mom's lower back and hip problems and she asked me, if Mom would be interested in joining water aerobics with her. I honestly didn't think Mom would go, but to my surprise she seems excited and up beat about it. Today, Debra explained more about it with Mom. Before Debra and Mom left my house, they got their plan and schedule down pat. Yes! Thank you Debra, we all appreciate it. We are all hoping this type of therapy might help Mom.

Natalie called earlier this morning, sounding all bored. I told her when Whitney got out of school, if they wanted, come over and visit with us. I was glad they got to come over and visit, even though they really came over to see Katie - tehe! Katie loves playing with her "Weeby" (Whitney) and "Mat-Mat" (Nat-Nat). We had to get on to Katie for being so rough with the girls. She was having so much fun jumping, walking on & hitting the girls. She was just a little too rough. It's always good to see them and to find out what's going on in their world. Oh, I have good news! Recently, Whitney got accepted to Nursing School at the college she is currently attending. Isn't that great?!? We are so proud of her and her accomplishments.

Take care and God Bless!

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