Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Katie's Funny Potty Story

I have a funny story to tell you. Today, Katie was following me around the house. Well, my Mountian Dew finally kicked in and I had to go potty. Katie of course followed me into the bathroom. She asked, "Mommy, go poopy in potty?" You have to understand, no matter if you are going poopy or pee-pee, to her you are going poopy in the potty. I answered her, "Yes baby, Mommy's going poopy in the potty." I asked her, "so when are you going to start using the potty?" She looked right at me and said, "No Mommy, I not go poopy in the potty. I poopy in diaper." I got so tickled. I asked, "oh, is that right?" She responded, "Uh, huh!" I went on to tell her that she needed to start using the potty like a big girl. She looked at me with disgust and said, "no Mommy, I not go potty!" Okay! I was amazed in our little conversation. I don't think she's ever told me a sentence quite as long that I could understand. More importantly, I couldn't believe she actually understood what I was saying to her in order to respond in that way.

I got most everything done today. The big thing was to clean all of Katie's outside toys and weed three more flowerbeds. Shoo! I finally got them all done, so I feel like we are ready for a party. Tomorrow, Whitney and Natalie are suppose to be coming by in the morning. We are going to do most of the decorating for the party. I just hope Katie will behave while we run around.

Take care of yourself and God Bless You!

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