Friday, July 6, 2007

What A Day!

Wow! What a day! We have been gone all day long. We took Katie to Portrait Innovations today and had her two year old pictures taken. She was in such a good mood and she did so well as you can tell in most of the portraits showing above. The studio was running a little late and we arrived there 10 minutes early, so needless to say Katie was ready to run around. Luckily, there was a Legos table were the kids socialized. Katie was busy moving Legos from one net to the other net. Before we started taking pictures, I promised her she could have some gummies if she was good and took some good pictures. She told me, "okay, Mommy." She had a blast running all over the studio photo display set. We had a hard time getting her to wait before running back on the set. As you can see, she had to have her picture made with a Lion they used as a prop. She kept playing with this crazy thing between set changes. The photographer asked if we would want a picture made of Katie & the Lion. Sure, why not? We didn't order any of the Lion pictures - I didn't think they turned out too good, but Katie had fun posing. After it was all done, I couldn't praise her enough. This experience was a lot better than her one year old pictures last year. Ugh! I get a headache just thinking about last year's pictures. By this time, she needed some down time. While I sorted through all the photos with the photographer, I suggested that Doug take Katie outside and eat some gummies. Of course, I couldn't choose just one pose so we didn't get the $9.95 special. Doug gave me the "that's not a bad price," which tells me I've got the go ahead. You would not believe the pictures we got for the price! I was pleasantly surprised! They don't charge sitting fee nor edit fee. They don't pressure you to buy more. What I really like, while you cancel out the photos you don't want on the computer, it keeps a running cost as to what you will pay. Plus, you get your photos in 30 minutes and a disk to keep for your records. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE. They are located all over the country. Here's their website:

While we waited for our pictures to be developed, we ate at Zoe's Kitchen. I love their chicken salad, so good! Katie was so tired and whiny. Laura, I think you're going to love shopping around Patton Creek. I haven't been there in quite some time and they have some neat looking shops. Of course I was with Doug and on a mission (Bama hair bows), so I didn't get to shop around today. Laura, Bama Fever is having a problem keeping their small hair bows in stock. One store owner told me, they haven't been able to recover since the A-Day game. I did get the last hair bow that Bama Fever in the Galleria had in stock. The salesmen called the Huntsville store for me and they had one hair bow left. It might be a little different, but I asked it they would hold it for me. We will try to get up there tomorrow and buy it for Alise.

Doug heard about Tutwiler Farms, so we went to check it out. I was sort of disappointed because I thought it was a real farm. I thought we were really taking Katie to something neat with farm animals. Nope! It's a big shopping center which includes: Chico's, Belk, New Balance, Bama Fever, Accessories Heaven, The Loft, etc. Personally, I think I like The Summit better and besides it's much closer than Tutwiler Farms.

I hate to say it, but after today I'm beginning to hate "Snow White." There should be a limit on how many "Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho!" you can listen to. We had to watch it over and over from the time we left the house to Portrait Innovations, in between and on the way home. It's cute to hear Katie sing "Heigh Ho!" She actually tries to whistle. Of course, only air comes out. If she keeps up the good work, she might actually learn to whistle.

We got home safe and sound around 7:45 p.m. tonight and very tired. I washed Katie up, put her PJs on, brushed her teeth and put her to bed. She was so whiny and tired. Take care and have a great weekend!

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