Thursday, July 26, 2007

Katie's Birthday Party

I think Katie had a great birthday party. While Katie was opening up presents, my sisters were pretty much taking votes as to which one of their gifts would be Katie's favorite. It got to be really funny! It started off with June & Pat's gift. The birthday card they gave her was a Cinderella card that began to sing as soon as you opened it up. Well, Miss Cinderella herself, Alise, recognized the song. Katie and Alise were content for a while just opening up the birthday card and listening to the song. She didn't even care for the gift, which were clothes. They were too busy playing with the card. Of course, Susan and Maryann (along with myself) chimed in and said "leave it up to June." We just love teasing her! Susan's gift was soon after June's card. First, you have to know that Katie likes to play with rocks. When we visit Pat and June, her favorite thing to do is haul a load of rocks from one place and dump them in another place. Susan made the comment a while back, she should give Katie a box full of rocks for her birthday. Well, she did. She had a small box full of clear butterfly shaped rocks just for Katie. Katie soon forgot about the Cinderella card. Her and Alise started playing with the butterfly rocks. Everyone chimed in and started ragging Susan about having the most popular gift. Katie begin to open up Mom's gift and it was a Cinderella clock. Her and Alise had a fit over the clock because it was Cinderella. Everyone turned to Mom and started ragging. This went around and around to everyone at the party to where it was a big joke. I don't think Katie had a favorite gift, she seemed to love everything she received.

I believe everyone had a good time. We had a platter full of Chick-fil-a chicken strips, Doug fried up some french fries, pickles (dill & sweet), cake and ice cream (vanilla & chocolate) for dessert. Later, we put up the pinata for the girls to open. It was a pull string instead of having to beat it with a stick. It was so neat because one string was tied to a small opening and as soon as it was pulled, all the candy fell out. It was funny because as soon as the candy fell out, the girls left to go play and us adults hovered over the candy and began to pick out what we like to eat. I made sure to put some good candy like Snickers, Milky Way, 3 Muskateers, Twix, M & Ms, Smarties, Gummies, etc. in it. I told all the kids to take home a bag full of candy and would you believe we still had candy left over. I just put it in a ziplock bag for treats later.

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