Monday, July 16, 2007

Photosite Notice

I don't think I've posted this notice before. If you are having trouble accessing our photos from Photosite, it's not your fault. Photosite posted, after September 27th they will no longer be in service. They are encouraging everyone to move their photos to Snapfish. If you haven't moved your photos by midnight September 27th, they will be automatically deleted. Well, I went ahead and created an account with Snapfish. I don't care for their set up. It reminds me of the way Wal-Mart's Photo Center online is set up in order to purchase prints. There is no creativity or individuality on the website. Doug and I spent most of the day Saturday looking for a new provider. We are very interested in Phanfare. I went ahead and created an account so we can try their 30 day free trial. If we decide to go with them, we can pay a one time lifetime fee, pay by month or year. Doug and I believe it would behoove us if we just pay the one time fee. Please have patience with us as we shop around and feel comfortable with a provider that will fit our needs.

Take care!

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