Monday, July 16, 2007

Lunch with Aunt Sherry aka Lolly

Lolly and Uncle Roger's in town! They came in yesterday afternoon. I think they are ready to get home and see their kids and grandchildren. It was so good to see them again. Unfortunately, they won't be able to stay for Katie's Birthday Party next weekend. I think they are leaving here, heading home, Thursday. We got to see their new dog, Princess. She's 7 months old and the sweetest thing. A few of us (Sherry, Mom, Maryann, Natalie, Whitney, June, Katie and myself) met for lunch today and had a great visit. I got the Chicken Salad on greens plate - oh, so GOOD! Sherry had to try a little bite to see how it tasted. After she tasted my chicken salad, she told Mom that they would be coming back there tomorrow for lunch just so she can have the Chicken Salad on greens. I was too full to get dessert!

After lunch, Whitney came by the house to play with Katie while I did some house cleaning. I appreciate her coming by because I was able to get a lot done. Katie has gotten on a "Alice in Wonderland" kick. Whitney and Katie ended up watching "Alice in Wonderland" twice today. Her and Natalie are suppose to come over Wednesday to help decorate for the party. I'm pretty much leaving all the decorating ideas up to them. Susan mentioned she might be able to come by and see Katie while we decorate. Of course, this all depends on if she can either get her paint project done or she needs a break.

Doug has asked for my help with his Statistics homework. I just had to create some charts based on the data analysis - histogram, Pareto, bar, pie, box and whisker charts. When you haven't done something like that in a while it's kinda hard getting started. I almost forgot how to create a chart. Ugh!!! Once I got started, it all started coming back to me. It wasn't long before I started burning the keys getting the data analysis and creating the charts. We started on his homework after church yesterday and I finished as soon as I got home from my lunch date. I tried to explain Statistics to my Sisters, Aunt, Nieces and Mom, but all I got were blank looks, except for Whitney. She took Statistics at school and she knew exactly what I was talking about, so I got to connect with her on the subject. While Whitney and I were talking about Statistics and different charts, I could tell we were boring everyone else because they soon changed the subject. In fact, my Aunt Sherry moved from sitting by me to sitting by Maryann. It may be boring, but I like analyzing data. It was exciting to talk to someone else with the same interest.

Please keep in your prayer list a lady in our Sunday School Class, Patty. She is probably in her late 40's and is having to have a double and a possible triple by-pass surgery. Her surgery is scheduled for the 25th of July and she (of course) is scared about the healing process.

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