Friday, July 13, 2007

Sassy's Summer Cut

Sassy feels so much better! I finally got her an appointment to get a Summer cut from Melanie's (pet groomer). Poor Sassy cried all the way to Melanie's in her pet carrier. It was as if she knew she was either headed to the Vet's or the Groomer's. Either way it wasn't going to be pretty. I told Doug I thought it would be best if I took Sassy once every 6 months instead of once a year. I try my best to groom her and it's just not working. Before it's all over, I end up with a headache and stressed and Sassy ends up either gappy hair or in a worse condition than when we first began. At her age, I think Doug is hoping now nature will take it's course and Sassy will pass on. Well, she looks much better with her Summer cut.

I've been looking every where for the jeweled color (pink) Solo grip plates. I found 2 packs of 12 a while back and I knew I needed another pack. No, problem! I just knew WalMart or the Dollar Tree would have to stock it later. Well, I've been keeping eyes open ever since and I was beginning to panic because I never saw any more since that day. After a great search today, I finally found the plates at Food World of all places. Because I've had such trouble finding these plates, I got 2 packs instead of 1 pack.

Tomorrow, Doug and I are planning on staying at home. Maybe then I might be able to catch up on all my videos and photos. I also need to clean out the carport and clean Katie's outside toys again. I'm to the point where I'm thinking about putting all of the Katie's outside toys inside the carport just so they will stay some what clean. I have to clean the crazy things at least once every two weeks unless it rains, then it's just about every day. The mud washes up on the toys and mold collects on it. Ugh!!! I wished I had a storage building! Also, I'm not finished cleaning out all the flowerbeds. I still have three small beds to clean out - weeds, remove dead flowers & oak tree seedlings.

I got several great notices today in my email. Books a Million was having a great sale on a couple of their "Miss Spider" books. It just so happens they are both Christmas books, but one book I got 65% off and the other I received 75% off. You can't hardly beat these prices and I believe they are hardback books as well. It's rare to find "Miss Spider" books cheap. I got them for Katie when it gets closer to Christmas. Anyway, her books shipped today, so we should get them pretty soon. Speaking of BAM. Katie and I went to BAM the other day, looking for good bargains. Well, I couldn't find the bargain books I was interested in for her that I found online. They did have several coloring books for $1 each. Katie kept hugging a princess coloring book. I found "The Lion King" coloring book and I thought she would like it better. Nope! She wanted both. She needed a new coloring book, so I didn't see any problem with getting both. In fact, I thought it would make it easier for her and Alise to color if there were two instead of just one. Or should I say, for Mommy to color. I do the coloring and Katie likes to look at the pictures. She may scribble a little here and there, but mostly she just likes to look at the pages. My second good news is Rags Land Clothing Store has their Spring Collection 50% off. They have some really cute outfits. I found one A-Line Dress Katie could possibly wear next Spring and a couple of Fall sweaters from last years line in Katie's size. I got them in the shopping cart, but haven't bought them yet. I'm still undecided. My third piece of news today is Photosite is discontinuing their services as a photo provider. They suggested I switch to Snapshots by HP. All of this will be in effect by midnight on September 27th. I'm sure I was sent an email by Photosite, but I'm so quick to delete stuff. I'm sure that's what I did. I received an email from Laura to bring it to my attention. I'm currently transferring all of my photos from Photosite to Snapshots, so please bare with me as I get all of this under way.

Katie and I woke up yesterday sneezing. Today, her nose has been like a leaky faucet. On top of all that, we both have been so cranky. I know she is just tired, but she is so whiny. I've had a few sinus headaches and with my newly removed wisdom teeth, it feels like my jaw is about to fall off. I took a sinus pill and several Advil pills today to try and relieve the pain. Doug thinks I may have to go back to the Chiropractor and he maybe right. I've got knots all in my shoulders and neck. I guess it's been a little over two years since I've seen a Chiropractor for my back. I went to him for my terrible headaches and back pain. Man, did he help! I didn't have a headaches for months. Now, I'm just one big knot! Maybe when everything calms down a little, I'll be able to make an appointment with him.

Take care!

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