Friday, July 27, 2007

Tubby Time

Okay, I've got a funny for ya. Last night, Katie didn't get her tubby. Alright, we will just get a tubby this morning. It was no big deal. Right? I went ahead and took my shower, while Doug watched Katie for me. It was time for her tubby, oh she was so excited. Well, I washed her up and she's old enough now to let her splash around in the tub while I start putting things up. As long as we talk to one another, all is good. As I was putting her clothes up, she yelled, "Mommy!" I wasn't far from the bathroom, so I poked my head in and asked her "what?" She was standing in the tub, which is a No, No with me. As I'm telling her to sit down or she will . . . then I noticed it. She had pooped in the tub! Ugh!!! What a day I'm having? I was afraid to find out what else was going to happen to me today. You would have been proud of me in this situation though. I stayed calm, cool and collective. I asked her what she did. Her mouth was wide open and eyes big as baseballs, oops! She said, "I poopied in the tubby!" I began to give her the 30 minute speech why we don't poop in the tub. When I finished my speech, I asked her (looking for confirmation from her) "now, are you going to start pooping in the potty?" "No, Mommy," she said calmly. I told her she needed to start telling Mommy when she has to go poopy. Again she said calmly, "No, Mommy." I replied a little more firmly, well don't poop in the tub again!

I love the princess stage in little girls, it is so precious. However, the girly girl dressing can be a little challenging. For instance, she received some jewelry for her birthday. She loves the jewelry a little too much. I say this because she doesn't want to take it off, for naptime or bedtime. If I take it off, she begins to cry and throws a fit. Maybe Katie is taking the princess thing a little too far. As soon as she gets up in the morning, we has to put on the princess skirt & shoes. It's hard to change her diaper or clothes with the skirt. The skirt can absolutely not come off during the changes. Ugh! I was kind of surprised she let me take the skirt off Wednesday when we were going to the doctor's office. Tonight, we decided to go out and get some barbecue and stop off at Pat & June's, see how Nicholas was doing. Well, she wore her princess skirt & Snow White shoes. My Dad couldn't get over how well Katie could keep on the shoes and even run in them. She was getting really hot because her face turned red and she was sweating. I wanted to take her clothes off in order to cool off a little, but she would not have me take off the skirt. When I took her shirt off, she just pulled the skirt up to where it looked more like a dress. At bedtime, she insists I read Snow White, then Mermaid and don't forget Belle. Each story is approximately 6 pages long and it's bad when you know the words by heart and I've got the voices down pat. Tonight, I had to have a change. She continued to chant "Snow White, Snow White." Nope, no Snow White tonight! I read the new Froggy book, we got her for her birthday. When I started doing all the sounds and voices, she finally stopped chanting and began to laugh. She actually liked the book. But as soon as the book was over, she began again about Snow White, Mermaid and Belle. I had to read Belle in order to get her to shut up.

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