Saturday, August 2, 2008

Date Night

Doug thought it would be nice to go out on a date. He arranged everything. Millard and Peggy came by around 5:00 to pick up Katie to spend the night with them. Katie was so excited that she got mad at me for making her go lay down for a few minutes before they came. She was so sleepy! I guess she took an hour and a half nap. In fact, she just woke up when they arrived. It took her a little while to fully wake up, but it didn't take long before she was ready to go. She hit the door saying "bye Mom! Bye Dad! I see you later". Doug was giggling and when I asked him what was going on, he said he was amazed how Katie is always ready to go.

We finally got to see the new Batman movie "The Dark Knight" last night. Wow! Can you say "intense"? I have to agree with everyone else when it comes to Heath Ledger's acting in this movie. I do have to say that I was disappointed how they got rid of "Two-face" so quickly. Doug says that they probably didn't expect Heath Ledger to die.

Well, Christmas shopping officially began for me yesterday. Yes, I purchased the first Christmas gift. I saw this item and thought of a particular couple. Of course, I had to get it. Now that I've bought the first gift, I'm in the Christmas spirit. Do you know that Cracker Barrel already has their Halloween, Thanksgiving and some Christmas stuff out? I bought a cute pumpkin sequins Halloween shirt. I've been noticing Walmart slowly getting ready for the next season. Ours has their Summer yard/garden stuff down to three aisles and the others are empty. The other day, some sales clerks were cleaning and moving shelves around. I figure they'll have Christmas stuff up very soon.

My doctor's office called today. My cholestrol level is a little high, so they want me to come in sometime this week and give them another sample. Yuck! The lady said my level was 259 and they like to see it around 200 or less. I just feel bad for the tech because it took her forever to get the sample she got in the first place and they want to run another test. Oh, I've discovered the first signs of crow's feet and my age spots are growing. Ugh! As I'm asking Maryann and Mom about my crow's feet, Susan butts in and announces to me that I'm getting old. :P I like what Maryann calls them "laugh lines". Laugh lines doesn't sound so harsh like crow's feet. I laughingly told Susan that I refuse to give up my youth and just grow old. She laughed. She laughed even harder when I said that I was going to get back into Yoga. My question is "what did the laugh mean?" Maybe she thought I said that as to one of my solutions to not growing old. No, I just need to loose some extra pounds. I eat healthy, but I don't exercise like I should. My exercise is walking fast while I shop. Tehe!

Right now, Doug is taking a test for school. He's had me type a few things for him, so I'm staying close. We plan on mowing the yard here pretty soon. My cousin Lissa and her husband, Randy have moved back to New Mexico from Florida. They flew back to Florida to drive their car home and stopped by. They wanted to see Mom and visit with us for a little bit today before they got back on the road. Lissa is such a sweetheart. She is Maryann's age and for the past couple of years, I've got to know her a little better. We email back and forth quite a bit. We both love talking about our family and God. She is the daughter to my Uncle Rex, my mother's brother. I never got to know Rex's kids growing up because we all lived too far apart. Actually, I got to meet most of them (8 children total) when my grandparents passed away. They seem to be very fun loving and easy to get along with. It's too bad we live all over the nation and don't see much of each other. I'm hoping to be able to see some of my cousins out West, if and when we do move out there. I have first cousins, aunt and uncle that live in Arizona and New Mexico. Let's not forget my sister's family in Wyoming! It would be great to see everyone. By the way, we still haven't heard anything about the move to Colorado. We still plan on going on our beach vacation. Doug said, if he does have to go. He could request to be flown in for the beach trip. We'll keep you posted.

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