Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good-bye Nicholas and Leslie!

We got together tonight at June and Pat's house for a "Fond Farewell Cookout" for both Nicholas and Leslie. Next weekend, Leslie will head to college to make her dreams come true in becoming a Registered Nurse. Nicholas will be heading out in a couple more weeks to make his dreams come true as well in the medical field. All I know is he wants to be a physician, but I don't know what kind. Sorry I didn't take any pictures, but I accidentally left my camera at home. Oops! I didn't think about it until we got there and settling down.

Everyone seemed to have had a great time. Of course, Katie had a great time and was all over the place. We got out the volleyball net and ball, to play a few games. We all stunk, but had a good time laughing at one another. We had to call timeout a few times because Katie couldn't understand that she was too young to play. She'd bring her little Strawberry Shortcake ball and throw it at the net. So cute. For her being sleepy because she wouldn't take a nap, she was pretty good. We didn't have too much trouble out of her. Once she saw people in the pool, she asked me if she could swim. As soon as I put her suit on, she headed for the pool. I knew Maryann and Leslie was right there at the pool, so I left to find her flotation device. Leslie said as soon as I left, she was down the pool stairs and in the water before they realized what happened. Can you believe Katie can touch the down of the pool, on the shallow end, with her toes? She has gotten so tall this Summer. Once I put her flotation device on, she was all over the pool swimming like a fish. I caught her a couple of times, trying to float on her back. She didn't think anyone was watching her. The last time she tried it, she did really well. She was just about all the way back and her legs were coming up to the surface and it scared her a little. We had to keep reminding her to keep her mouth closed. She'd do good for a while and then she'd try to get some one's attention and get water in her mouth. Then, she had to get to the side of the pool and cough the water out. Believe or not, it began getting a little cool here. It was because of the wind blowing. I had to make Katie get out of the pool because she was so cold that her jaw was shaking. She begged and begged me not to make her get out. No sooner did I get her dried off and clothes back on her, she headed right back to the pool steps. Ugh! She hung around the steps until everyone got out of the pool. Of course, I had to eventually change her clothes again. Thank goodness, I packed a pair of pants for her because she needed them.

Have you been watching the Olympics? We watched a little bit of the water polo this morning. Tonight, we watched the girls' gymnastics and men and women's swimming. Isn't that awful about the American being stabbed to death the day after the open ceremonies?


It's terrible to hear Bernie Mac dying at the age of 50. If you don't know, Bernie Mac died yesterday. He's been in the hospital with pneumonia and it sounds like he passed away from complications. It was so odd because the reports were coming out that he was doing much better in the hospital and was suppose to have been released the same day he died. He suffered from a illness that affected his lungs causing him to have pneumonia from time to time. Doug and I thought he was a great comedian. My favorite Bernie Mac is from his "Bernie Mac Show" and "Guess Who?" movie with Ashton Kutcher. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.


thekeyes said...

i had no idea bernie mac died.. wow. that is strange. thanks for keeping us up to date in the media world. lol.. We have had the olympics on in the background the last couple days. It's fun to watch. Glad you all had a good party. Go katie for being such a big girl in the pool!

Laura said...

I was shocked when I found out about Bernie Mac! Did you hear about Isaac Hayes dying, too? Not a good weekend for celebrities.