Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy 74th Birthday Dad!

Peggy and Millard kept Katie, while I went to the doctor's office to check my Progesterone. I haven't been to the doctor's office in Huntsville in 3 years, so I was going strictly on instinct. lol! Plus, I told Doug that I needed another way that's more of a straight shot to and from 565. Well, he told me about Governors Drive. Alright! I love this way much better. Unfortunately, I did get lost. Are you surprised? Yes, I got lost because I became very confused with all the construction work. There had to have been at least 3 blocks of construction work on the hospital. Plus, wow how the hospital has grown in the past 3 years. I finally turned into a parking lot and called Doug. I wasn't too far away. Actually, I turned down a couple of blocks early. I still got to the doctor's office early and was able to walk right on back. The ladies there are so sweet and I missed them. I'm sure they didn't really remember me, but they gave me a very warm welcome. Liz - they answered all my questions. lol! I had questions about certain drugs to take and seafoods not to eat. It's amazing how I've forgotten about most of these things. I won't know my test results until some time today.

Maryann and her family, Susan and her family and our family got together at Mom and Dad's house last night to celebrate his 74th birthday. We got him another Alabama cap because his was looking pretty bad, Sue made him, his favorite peanut clusters and Maryann made him a chocolate cake. Out of all the gifts Dad received, I think his favorite was having Mom back home with him. He kept smiling and asking us girls, "isn't it wonderful?" We all grabbed some bbq or fish for supper.


Are ya ready for the big Game Day next Saturday, Alabama vs. Clemson? Doug and I are having a fish fry that day at our house with the family. I tried to find a cool game day countdown, but this is all I could find. Oh well. The game starts at 7:00 p.m. and that's my down time. Doug was kind of afraid to announce it because he doesn't think I'll make it. I told him that I could be laying down on the couch. lol! Be praying for me.

Roll Tide!

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thekeyes said...

HI Mi,
Is everything okay? I saw you haven't posted in a few days. Just wanted to check and see if everythign is okay. i figure you are just busy and maybe a little sick still??
hope all is well.