Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good News All Around

Our Little One's News
Our doctor's visit went real well. We got to sit down with Dr. Long and talk with him. He was glad to finally meet Katie for the first time. I gave him her 3 year old picture of her with the angel wings. He giggled at it and said the angel wings were perfect. He suggested a group of doctors located at the Huntsville Hospital and another group with Brookwood Medical Center there close to him as my OB/GYN. Meanwhile, he said he would want us to stick with him until my 10th week of pregnancy, this is just for safety precautions. We had a brief discussion about how it's hard to get some people (doctors) on the Progestrone train. I've alone heard so many successful stories because of Progestrone caplets. Dr. Long also mentioned maybe putting me on a type of HCG medicine to secure the pregnancy. He wants me to start on the Progestrone caplets as soon as possible because of my history.

They wanted to do an ultrasound of the baby to see if everything is a-okay. The tech went into telling me that we may not see much, so I won't get too upset. She definitely told me that we probably won't see the heartbeat yet because according to my calendar, it might be too soon. To our surprise, there he was laying peacefully. He looked just like a little baby would look with the big head (after his daddy - Tehe!) and the string of beads for his spine. Guess what? While he was laying there thinking he was alone and resting, I saw his little heartbeating. The tech and I were both surprised and I was so relieved. Why is it? As soon as you see your baby's heartbeat, you automatically become calm and relieved. The tech measured the baby and said he is measuring to be 6 weeks and 4 days old. Now, I know sometimes these machines can be off a little bit. The tech seems to think that I'm closer to being 7 weeks rather than 6 weeks 1 days, like I first thought.

The nurse and I didn't cross paths again after the lab work and we both forgot about the prescriptions. Ugh! I didn't remember until we were well on our way home, so I called the office and left a message with the nurse. I asked her to call in my prenatal vitamins, but when we stopped by Walmart they had not received the phone call yet. I guess I'll check on things before we head for ballet lessons this afternoon. I've been taking Katie's vitamins plus approximately 24 fl. oz. of orange juice a day until I get a hold of some prenatal vitamins.

Allison - I'm sorry I haven't called or emailed for the girls to get together. I think you might understand that I feel really crummy. I don't know if I feel yucky because of the Gastritis or just being pregnant. Last night, I even tried to get everything done by 8:30 because I've noticed that I get really sick by 9:30. Nope, I started getting really sick by 8:00 last night. I guess the baby isn't going by the central time zone. lol! The nurse suggested halfing the morning sickness pills that I have and taking them during the day. These pills are really good because if you take a whole one, it will knock you out. For the past couple of days, I've been taking them before I go to bed and I've been able to sleep so good now. Ahh! She also said that if my sickness gets really bad, they would be glad to call me in a prescription for the pill that you put under your tongue. I'm sorry, I don't remember the name and I'm afraid to guess. I loved this pill while I was pregnant with Katie. As soon as I began feeling yucky, I'd take one of those pills and the feeling would go away pretty quickly. Yay! I'm going to try taking 1/2 of these pills to see if I'll feel a little bit better. Right now, I just want to stick close to home or bathroom. I know after all the riding yesterday wore me completely out and I was so sore.

Katie's Ballet Lessons
Katie is so excited about ballet this afternoon. I read over the class rules and regulations book last night. I have to say, I was a little surprised in all the different rules. I guess I can understand that these rules are for children of all ages 3+ and if there were no rules, the world would be in complete chaos. Don't expect me to take any pictures of Katie, while she is dancing in the studio. I have to ask permission from her teacher before I do so. I think I'll wait until next week, if I can take a picture of Katie in the studio.

Good News
As we were on our way home from the doctor's office yesterday, I got a very important and exciting phone call. Dad called me to let me know that Mom will be coming home today. Woo Hoo! Isn't that exciting news? I know she'll be so relieved knowing she'll be home by this afternoon. Last night, he and Maryann made a trip or two back and forth between Mom and Dad's house and the Nursing Home. They brought everything home of Mom's that she didn't need today. Dad told me that Pat will be taking his truck to the Nursing Home this evening to pick up Mom's scooter. I told Dad that Katie and I will be over after ballet lessons this evening to visit a little bit. I know Mom would want to see Katie in her leotards.

Thank you again for all the many many prayers and God has absolutely answered everyone in His own way. We really do appreciate and continue to ask you for the prayers.


Laura said...

I don't envy you for the sickness right now! Ugh! I just can't imagine!

As for your mom, I am SO glad that she is getting to come home today! What joy! I know she will be so happy!!

Good Luck, Katie, at dance! I expect pictures next week!

Allison said...

No worries. I really do understand, just call us when you can. Anya has been asking about Katie. Try lemonheads or lemon drops when you get to feeling sick, they helped me a lot.

Laura said...

Check out my blog when you get a chance!