Saturday, August 2, 2008

Randy & Lissa's Visit

It was so great to see Lissa and Randy. We tried our best to get almost 3 years of lost time caught up in one evening. Lol! I tried not to monopolize all their time and let them visit with the others. It's just I haven't heard from her in a month or two and needed to catch up. Her hernia surgery is still healing up really well and she is pretty much back to normal. She said Valerie is much better. If you don't know Valerie is Lissa's sister. Lissa is the second oldest child out of 8 kids. Valerie has a lot of bad health problems and some of her meds contained steroids, causing her to gain 100 lbs. Normally, Valerie is a very petite little lady and so pretty. (A side note: I'm partially named after Valerie. Her middle name is "Lane" and my Mom liked that name as well. So, she named me "Lane". ) Okay back to the news report. Valerie finally got together with some doctor and he put her on the right medicine to help her out. She has lost the 100 lbs. and feels much better. She still needs your prayers because she suffers from Crohns Disease, which causes more problems. She has Fibermyalgia, I've been told that this disease is absolutely horrible to have. She also has a history of heart problems. So, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I'm just so thankful to God that the new meds have been able to give her some relief.

Lissa and Randy have two grown boys, Abe & Matthew. It sounds like the boys are doing great on their own. She said Abe, oldest, found a great government job in FL and just bought a house there. He seems to be pretty serious with this one girl and it sounds like life is good for him right now. Matthew is a mechanic at a car factory in NM and is also doing very well.

Randy and Lissa seemed to be a little excited to go back home to NM. They will be closer to her family that live in AZ, so that's great. She said her mother, Bobby, is doing good, but gets around a little slower and takes her time. Aunt Bobby has lived in FL for several years and is use to the extreme warm temps, so she doesn't care for the cooler weather in AZ during the winter months. I thought that was a little funny. Poor thing! Bobby doesn't live far from Holly, daughter/Lissa's sister. Holly takes really good care of Bobby and makes sure she has all she needs. Lissa went on and on about how Holly is so good with her Mom. I'm sure that makes Lissa feel relieved that she is somewhat taken care of. I told Lissa and Randy about the possible move to CO. Randy was so great to give me some information that might help when and if it becomes official. He, I would take advice from in an instant. Because of his job, he (Lissa & family) have moved all over the country and even islands not far from Hawaii. They have lots of experience with these temporary assignments.

Maryann's New Kitchen
Remember me asking for prayer months ago for my sister, Maryann, because she had a Kitchen fire and got really bad burns because of it. Well, she got a brand new Kitchen, Dining Room and partial Living Room from it. Here's a few pictures of the Kitchen. They got cabinets, counter tops, stove, microwave, flooring and recliner. I showed Doug the counter tops because I really like them. Zayne's brother, Zack, was their contractor. I think they did such a great job.

"Cordoba Nights"
Adam, my cousin, has become an Independent Film producer, I believe he's the producer. Anyway, Adam sent out letters to some of his relatives including us Alabama relatives for donations in supporting these films he's producing last year. Well, he convinced my uncle, Rex, to do a couple of roles in two of the films. Rex is my mom's brother, Lissa and Adam's dad. I think uncle Rex is around 75 years old and is a health nut. Lissa said that he had to memorize 9 pages for one of these movies, I'm thinking she said it was for "Cordoba Nights". I couldn't hardly believe that my uncle Rex was in a movie, whether it was independent or not. I had to see it to believe it. We ended up googling his name and found the name of the movie because Lissa conveniently forgot the name. Randy said laughingly that she doesn't want anyone to know because she's a little embarrassed. Ha! Ha! Of course, Lissa denied what Randy was teasing her. We found a picture of uncle Rex in the movie and I happen to have found the trailer for the film. The trailer only shows a slight glimpse of Rex as he is driving past, towards the end of the movie, and he looks out his car window. He looks so mean in this movie. Lissa warned us that these movies are rated PG-13 and R because of the violence and some nudity. Some of us (not me) had to tease her about uncle Rex being nude. It was all in good fun. I mean, who wants to see their parents nude? Hello, yuck! Anyway, it was a good laugh and seeing Lissa's face turn red was priceless. Ha! Ha! This movie is suppose to be out on DVD pretty soon. We might have to rent it just to see my uncle Rex. Here's a picture of uncle Rex from the movie "Cordoba Nights". I wasn't able to copy the embedded code for this movie from YouTube. If you would like to see it, you have to look it up on YouTube. There's only one trailer for this movie and like I said, it shows just a glimpse of Rex at the end.

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