Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rainy Day

Katie was so excited this morning. It didn't take her long before she began asking me where we were going today. I asked her, what she thought we were doing today. She responded, "going to ballet show?" "Uh, huh" I answered her. Her eyes got huge and she began dancing all over the place. Now, I have to back up. For some reason, she thinks the ballet lessons are a show. I've been correcting her, but as of right now she thinks we are just going to a show. She'll figure it out when she's in the studio with her teacher. Lol. We were not suppose to be at the studio until 2:00, but she aggravated me from 10:00 until we finally left. She was full of energy when we walked into the building. It was as if she knew exactly what she was doing and going. Luckily, there were not that many people there. She was all over the place, so I had to get on to her a few times. She had to look at all the pictures of the ballerinas and it was killing her not to touch the balance bars, I guess that's what they call them. I had some paper work to fill out and Katie hated having to sit down in the chair right beside me. I kept threatening her about me walking right out and her not taking any classes. "No Mommy, no Mommy. I want to be a pink ballerina" she begged. While she was sitting beside me, I gave her the lecture about listening to and minding her teacher. I'm sure I'll have to remind her on several occasions. Once I finished the paper work and paid her tuition, Mrs. Willingham invited us to take a look around. She told me where Katie's pre-ballet studio would be and of course, it had to be up a flight of stairs. Ugh! Katie loves to play on stairs. Katie's room is small with mirrors on two walls out of the four. She ran around in there and was ready to go back downstairs. She thought she had classes today and didn't want to leave. "No Mom. I go to ballet show now" she said aggravated. I tried to explain to her that she didn't have classes until next week. I tried to get her excited about going next door to get her pink ballerina outfit. Nope! She wasn't ready. I let her walk around a little more and finally had to make her leave. She was a little upset until we went into the dance store. Every ballet lesson is classified by levels, which is based on age, and every level is color coated. Katie wanted to be a pink ballerina, well she got her wish. She is in level A - Pre-Ballet, 3 year olds, and their color is pink. I got to meet Katie's teacher, which happens to be Mrs. Willingham's daughter. We hit it off right away and began talking about our children. We talked so much that I forgot to ask her her name. Oops! Maybe I'll get a name next week. She was so sweet, I really like her. She has three children from 3 years to about 12 years old. Her 3 year old, Esther (I think) just turned 3 on July 28th. She's kind of afraid to put Esther in Pre-ballet because she's afraid she won't do well. I asked her about Katie and she said it would be a wait and see how she responds. She did stress not to expect a whole lot of ballet skills from Katie in the next few months. She understands the attention span is very short and she did say that if she looses all control of the class, she may read them a storybook at the last few minutes of practice. Katie will go every Tuesday for 45 minutes, so that's a long time to learn ballet. I understood what she was talking about because I know how Katie's attention span is about 30 minutes maximum on one thing. I know that's how she was with swimming lessons this past June. It was also really nice that they had a play room inside the dance store. Katie went off with a few other children and played, while I shopped. Great idea! I had to pull her away long enough to size her up for shoes and leotards. I ended up buying 3 leotards, tights and shoes. I had to get this one leotard, soft pink with rhinestones across the chest. It's really cute. I wanted to get this other pink leotard because it had rhinestones outlining a bow in the back. So cute, but they didn't have her size. Ugh! I asked Katie's teacher, if she needed a tutu. She said it was up to me and Katie. I think we'll hold off until we see how she does this next month.

We stopped by McDonalds to pick up Mom and her roommate, Flo a chocolate milkshake and french fries for a snack this evening. We walked into Mom's room and there she was sitting in her scooter watching TV. She's been watching the Olympics as much as she can until about 7:00 in the evening. I ended up giving Katie Flo's milkshake and fries because she didn't want them. She acted like she wasn't feeling too good today. It wasn't long before Katie wasn't acting like herself. I figured she was just tired because she laid her head down on Mom's pillow and was all curled up on the bed. As I was talking to Mom and another lady that was in the room, I grabbed the sheet to wrap around Katie. That's when I noticed it. Apparently, I did have a stomach virus yesterday because Katiebug had it today. Bless her heart, it was a mess. Mess can't even describe it. I was just praying that Mom nor I would start getting sick from the smell. Yuck! I just knew her outfit was ruined. Thank goodness for "Greased Lightning". Mom's bedding had to be changed and luckily, I had an extra change of clothes in one of Katie's bags. As soon as I helped clean everything and everyone up, I told Mom that I had better get Katie out of there. She wasn't hot, so I knew she didn't have a fever. Still, I felt so bad having her around all these elderly people with weak immune systems. Later tonight, Mom called to check on Katie. Once I told her that she's been laying around watching TV and reading books, she tells me that she got sick soon after supper. Oh, I felt terrible. She quickly reminded me that it was too quick for her to catch what Katie had. I've been hearing that there is a stomach virus going around right now. I know I still don't feel all that great, but I'm pumping Pepto in me.

It's been raining all day, which is what we need the most. I love these type of days ever so often. It's days like today, when I like to open up the windows and take cat naps, while listening to the rain. The temperature stayed around 73 degrees today because of the cool rain. Really nice! I'm really hoping not to see anymore three digit temperatures the rest of the year. In fact, it would be great to not see anymore 90's this year.


Allison said...

Sounds like fun at the ballet class. We are going to check it out today, but I'm leaning towards gymnastics for Anya because she just loves to tumble and jump so much.
Give me a call when you get a chance and check out my site sometime today!

Sister Sandy said...

We had that stomach virus here too. Hope you are all well soon. June said Nic also had it, last week. It is so strange to have a virus in the summer isn't it? Rest and drink fluids, glad Katie got to enjoy Ballet class registration at least. Love, Sister Sandy

Laura said...

How expensive were Katie's leotards and shoes? We haven't bought Alise's yet, but she'll need tap shoes, too! Ugh!! I dread writing that check!