Friday, August 15, 2008

News Around The Mason House

As most of you know, Katie and I went to our medical doctor yesterday. My check up was more of a follow up on my bladder infection a few weeks ago. As you probably remember, I had some blood in my urine and Dr. Lunsford wanted to make sure that it would go away when the infection was gone. I also wanted to address to him about my stomach problems, I thought maybe severe indigestion problems or possible stomach ulcer. Katie needed to go to him for her 3 year old check up.

Katie's check up went great. She cried and begged for a little bit when I told her that we had to go. I talked with her all the way to the doctor's office and promised her that she would have a prize in her backpack, when she was done. Boy, she remembered that because as soon as she was finished, she went straight for the bag and found her new doll and pony. I have to say that she was such a big girl for Dr. Lunsford. What really set it off was when she was told that she wouldn't have any shots this time. The news really made both of our day. Dr. Lunsford said that she is healthy as can be. Her growth and weight was right on the charts as average, which is great. I mentioned to him about her going into ballet this year. Right off the bat, he asked where. When I told him, he told me that his girls (3) are going to the same school this year and the youngest might be in Katie's class.

Katie got a kick watching Dr. Lunsford poking around on me. Sure enough, my stomach was hurting as soon as he mashed around on it. He was pretty sure that I have Gastritis, which means an inflammation or irritation of the stomach lining. Of course, this is probably related to stress I've been under the past year. Ugh! It's amazing how stress for a period of time can really make your body go to pot. He gave me a prescription for Zantac and we are hoping that will solve the problems. I'm trying to exercise ways to manage my stress. For instance, when my mind starts going a million miles per hour, I simply stop, take a deep breath and release. I try to focus on my breathing and nothing else. I've also tried to get my mind off of things by coloring today with Katie. I love to color.

Dr. Lunsford also gave us some exciting news. He did a pregnancy test on me and it's positive. I was in such shock that I couldn't respond right away. I just knew it wasn't true because I took a test last Sunday. My body has been a wreck that I never expected us to actually get pregnant again right away. I've been keeping track and according to my calendar, we are 5 weeks pregnant. According to the pregnancy calendar the baby will be due on April 12, 2009.

I called Dr. Long/ART Program as soon as I got home yesterday. I wanted him to recommend another OB/GYN for me because I will not be going back to Dr. Keller as long as I live. Dr. Long's nurse was very interested in what I had to say about Dr. Keller and she said that they will be taking his name off of their recommendation list. Today, Christy/Dr. Long's nurse, called me back to let me know that Dr. Long would like to put me under his wing once again.

If you don't know, Doug and I went through some fertility problems a few years ago. God lead us to Dr. Long from the ART Program out of Brookwood Medical Center. I was an emotional mess. I really thought God wanted us to adopt a child, instead of wasting our time and money on Infertility drugs. I think I just about lost hope of ever having a child of my own, until Dr. Long restored that hope. After he examined me and we met back up in his office, I was expecting the worst case scenario. I remember to this day when he looked into my eyes and told me that there was no reason why I couldn't have a baby of our own. His nurse called us into the clinic on Halloween day for a procedure and we conceived Katie on All Saint's Day. I'll always credit God for our miracle and I follow it up with the great gift God blessed us with introducing us to Dr. Long. He and his staff took such great care of me and Katie up until I was 10 weeks pregnant. I absolutely hated to leave him, to be trusting to another group of doctors. Now, here we are again. My first appointment is Monday morning and I feel confident that I and our baby will be taken care of once again. Meanwhile, we ask for your prayers. After the lose of our baby last November, I'm pretty scared. I've given this baby over to the Lord and just ask him, if it's alright that we raise him or her like we are Katie. I really need God's strength and understanding. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for our growing family. God Bless You!


thekeyes said...

I"m exstatic for you MI!!!! oh and im secretly hoping your baby is born on april 15th so we can share a birthday. hehe.. WE will pray for you and your health all of it not just the baby part. That gastritis can be a real pain from what i hear. Yucky!! God bless the mason Bunch ( the growing mason bunch)

Laura said...

We are so excited for ya'll! We'll be praying for you!

The Thorsrud Family said...

CONGRATS! We are PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING! Trust God, and ENJOY every day you have with your baby...I PRAY there are MANY more to come!

Allison said...

Congratulations! That was exciting to read this morning! I'll be praying that everything goes well! Maybe we can get together in the next week or so?