Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just An Update

I had to fast and go back to the lab today and check on my cholesterol again. Since I found out about my cholesterol problems, Saturday, I've been eating Cheerios cereal. Brenda, church friend, is an RN. When I told our Sunday School Class about my level, she told me that was very high. She recommended taking Fish Oil tablets to help lower my level. After church, we went to Walmart and I checked out the tablets. It made me a little concerned because they said that if I was pregnant, to consult my doctor. While I was giving a blood sample, I asked the lab tech to please leave a note for the doctor about the Fish Oil. She agreed with Brenda and said the Fish Oil will drop your levels. I should hear something in the next couple of days about my results and what I need to do, if it's bad. She talked about him possibly putting me on medication. After talking to Sandy about it today, I remembered about my Dad having to get his liver checked ever so often because of his cholesterol medication. Sandy said she has high cholesterol levels, but she refuses to get on the medication because of the whole risk to the liver. I don't blame her a bit. If Dr. Lunsford talks about putting my on the same medicine, I might suggest trying the special diet and exercise first. Personally knowing Dr. Lunsford for a while, I don't believe he'll put me straight on the medicine before trying the diet and exercise first. He just doesn't work that way.

Prayer Request
A lady from our church, Carrie, has asked special prayer for her parents and their neighbors. Her Mom and Dad just got back from a missionary trip a few days ago. This morning, their little neighbor boy, Hunter, was playing in their driveway and didn't know. As they were backing out of their driveway, they felt a bump. Carrie's Dad rushed out of the car, knowing they hit something and began screaming. The mother and sister of Hunter witnessed the whole thing. The mother was running and screaming as well. Of course, Hunter was rushed to the ER and didn't make it. Carrie's parents say they are fine, but I'm sure they having a hard time dealing with this terrible accident. Hunter was about 3 years old. The parents of the little boy have met with Carrie's parents and they don't blame them at all. They agree that it was just a terrible accident. The parents did tell Carrie's parents that Hunter's organs will be donated. As a parent of a 3 year old myself, I can't help but grieve with both of these families. We will never understand fully why God allows children to drift in and out of our life. I do know that because of Hunter's parents signing over his organs, this little boy just became some one's miracle. I humbly ask you to please pray that God will give them strength and understanding during this very difficult time.

Thank you so much for the many prayers going up for my nephew, Jake. He underwent surgery today instead of yesterday. At first, the surgeon was concerned that the abscess might be too close to his muscle. The abscess didn't end up being as deep as first thought and wasn't close to the muscle. Praise God! My sister, Sandy, told me that Jake is doing well and Liz is breathing a little easier. According to the surgeon, the abscess should never return again. Please continue praying for Jake's quick recovery.

Please remember all the college students going back to class after a long Summer. There are going to be a lot of very tired kids on the road making the drive to school. Please pray for their safety.

I spoke to Mom a little bit today. We had to call each other several times just to get in maybe 15 minutes of talk time. She said her phone was having a hard time keeping it's signal. She was complaining that I was cutting in and out on her. How aggravating that must be? She says that her cell phone does that to just about everyone she talks to. What was so strange is that I could hear her just fine, but she couldn't hear me at all. I felt bad about not seeing her this weekend, so Katie and I might go see her tomorrow. She said she is still doing really well. Rehab has got her doing more on the stairs and pushing a ball with her foot, while standing. She added that her and Dad were walking around in the hallways with her walker. She continues to say, she feels stronger everyday.

This Weekend
My sisters, June and Susan, are planning a get together at June and Pat's house as a "farewell to their first time college students, Leslie & Nicholas" this weekend. I've spoke to Leslie and Nicholas a little about them going off to college. They both seem so excited about the whole experience. Nicholas is going way south to school and Leslie will be north west. Leslie and Whitney are fortunate enough to be going to the same school, so they are roommates this year. If I'm not mistaken, Nicholas will be boarding on campus at his school. Both kids are interested in the medical field. It's strange, Nicholas and Leslie will make 5 out of 6 nieces and nephews thus far that will choose the medical field. Elizabeth received a degree in Medical Records, Ryan is an RN and Whitney is in Nursing School. Can you tell I'm a proud aunt or what? Unless she has changed her mind, Natalie was interested in physical therapy. She still has another year of high school, so we'll see what she decides.

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thekeyes said...

Oh those poor families. I can't imagine being on either end. We will keep them in our prayers. on a different note that sounds fun for the farewell party for the college kids. ;-) Have you found out anything about your maybe move?? we were talking to sandy tonight about thanksgiving plans. ;-) It would be so nice if you all were here to. The more people the funner the choas.. lol