Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yep! I remember now . . .

Yep! I'm pregnant for sure. Oh my gosh! These are the days I don't miss about pregnancy. Yuck! I believe I feel worse today than I have the past few days and I'm sure that the Gastritis isn't helping. I feel so yucky! I'm 6 weeks pregnant today and I don't remember getting the taste bud change and yucky smells this early. I kept telling myself that it's all in my head. Well, my head's not talking things over with my nose nor tongue. I sipped on a little Sprite because Doug said the water at DQ didn't look clear. Don't worry, I haven't had a soda drink since I found out I was PG, but I had to have something to drink. Also don't worry because the Sprite tasted terrible. I might have taken 3 sips and I normally like Sprite, not today. I also love Cheese Puffs, but the puffs I ate this evening wasn't good. I had to eat something for supper, so I made me a good ol' egg and cheese sandwich with Mayo. Nope, it didn't taste the same. Ugh! Then I remembered why I ate only cheese nips and McDonald's french fries for most my pregnancy with Katie. As I was getting Katie's chicken nuggets ready in the microwave, oh my gosh, the smell. I could literally feel myself turning green as I had to turn the chicken over and microwave it some more. I nearly lost it when I finally got them out to give to her. Oh and another thing, I've found out that I can't stay up late like I normally do. By 9:30 at night, I'm not feeling good at all. I guess Katie and I are going to have to change our schedule around.

I was asking Doug, what am I going to do through this pregnancy? It was easy when I was pregnant with Katie, after work, we'd stop by a restaurant on the way home to eat supper. Now, I have a 3 year old to take care of and I have to prepare supper just about every night. What am I going to do on the days, I don't feel like it or can't stand the smell?

Baby's Progress
This week we have major developments with our baby. He's mouth, nose and ears are beginning to take shape. On his oversized head, there are dark spots for his eyes and nostrils. His little hands and legs are protruding from his body. His heart is beating about 100 to 160 times a minute. This is one thing I'm looking forward to seeing during tomorrow's doctor's visit. I think I might be able to breathe a little better knowing the baby's alright. Please keep us in your prayers.

Colorado Move
For those of you that don't know, we are not moving to Colorado and good reason now. Tehe! There was no possible way, we could have been able to make it out there based on the per diam the company was offering. We did the numbers over and over and it wasn't making out what we needed. Doug filed an exemption, but the company couldn't met our needs and that's alright. They did all, they could do. Fortunately, there are not burned bridges at least that is what Doug said. It just goes to show, God knows what He's doing. A few days after deciding not to go to Colorado, we found out we were expecting a baby.

After Doug told me the bad news about the Colorado trip, I received a call from our real estate agent about the beach condo reservation. She was making sure that we wanted to cancel the reservation. It seems like everything is falling into place the way God wants it.

Visit With Mom
Peggy, Millard, Doug, Katie and myself went by the Nursing Home today and visited Mom for about an hour or so. I was so proud of her. Right off the bat, she wanted to sit up in bed. I helped her up and she stayed up the whole time. We kept asking her if she felt alright. She kept insisting that she felt fine and wasn't tired at all. Peggy, Mom, Flo (Mom's roommate) and myself stayed in the room to visit, while Millard, Doug and Katie walked around the property. We had a really good visit. Everyone that came into Mom and Flo's room, Mom would tell them that I was the daughter that's expecting a baby. As we were about to leave, Doug helped Mom into her scooter and she walked us to the door. Dad was expected to show up at any time. Sure enough. As soon as we headed for the car, Dad was pulling into the parking lot. He seemed to be in good spirits. Mom's got 11 more days or August 30 before she can come home. Dad told me out of his own mouth that when Mom leaves the Nursing Home in 11 days, it will be for good. He feels confident that she has improved so much that he should be able to take care of her, in the state she is in right now. I'm so happy to hear that because Mom got word about him possibly bringing her back to the Nursing Home after the 11 days and she wasn't too happy about it. That is until Dad told her, he changed his mind after seeing her progress.


The Thorsrud Family said...

Breathe through your mouth :0) haha. I didn't cook for the first month :0) Lots of grilling when Nolan got home from work! Nothing sounded good so cheese and crackers was my meal of choice for a month at least. GOOD LUCK!

Sister Sandy said...

Mi, Doug, & Katie,
Congrats! We are so happy for you all! I love the baby wigget! So happy Mom is coming home. Just pray she and Dad adjust together and are finally happy. Love to all, Sister Sandy