Friday, March 20, 2009

A Beautiful Spring Day

Beautiful Crabapple Tree in Full Bloom

Our beautiful Spring day didn't last as long as I wanted it to because of the cold front that came through yesterday afternoon. Peggy, Katie and I were outside stringing up Easter eggs onto a tree when the wind picked up. It wasn't long before that nice wind became really cold and got colder throughout the day. I believe it's suppose to cool down here for a couple of days and slowly warming right back up.

Peggy & Katie placing Easter decals on window

As you know, we went to Peggy and Millard's yesterday for the day. We had a really nice visit and I think Katie had a good time decorating. The only down fall for a person that has a short attention span, they can't stand to wait around for very long. Peggy and I had to string up the eggs before Katie could put them up on the tree. Obviously, we were taking too much time getting the eggs ready for Katie and she was getting bored waiting after a while. She announced she wanted to go swing, but didn't like the idea that no one would be pushing her in the swing. She'd sigh and go sit in her jeep. Peggy tried to get her to ride around in her jeep, but that idea didn't sound like a lot of fun. So, she declared that it was time for us to go in the house. I knew what she wanted and I had to become a mean mom. She insisted on bringing her new "Thumbelina" movie and she probably wanted to turn it on. I told her no that it was a beautiful day and she needed some fresh air.

Peggy stringing up Easter eggs to go on tree

Katie & Peggy placing eggs on tree

As soon as we finished with decorating for Easter, Katie got excited again because she got to put on her Easter dress. I think I took a couple of good pictures of her, but pointed out to Peggy exactly why I send her to Portrait Innovations to have her portrait taken. She's too busy making funny faces, not sitting lady like or break out into a ballet dance. Ugh! On top of that, during me taking photos, I noticed that I had Millard's satellite in the background. I don't know why I didn't notice it. I could have kicked myself. So, I had to reposition myself in order to cut out the satellite. By this time, Katie was aggravating me with pulling up her dress, making silly faces again, etc. Blah!

Katie beginning to act goofy

This is why we go to professional to have pictures made

Later when Millard got home, they headed out to fly kites. The wind was really blowing by that time, so the kite got up in the sky pretty good. Well, it didn't last long because Millard gave the string to Katie and told her not to let go. Next thing you know, the kite went over the house from the back yard and landed in a tree in the front yard. Katie was all excited telling me and Peggy what happened. When they found the kite in a tree, Katie couldn't tell me fast enough saying "mom, the kite's stuck in the tree". Millard was able to pull the kite out of the tree. The only loss was one of the two tails on the kite and handle that holds the string.

While Peggy and I were getting supper on the table, Millard and Katie played the piano and began singing songs to us. It was a sight! I told Peggy, as we were giggling, this is when I needed a video camera with me. I was surprised how Katie was pounding on the ivories and singing "Jesus Loves Me". What was so sweet and I tried to capture a shot was how she would look up at Millard and he would look down at her.

Millard & Katie playing piano and singing

Hallmark Postcard Virus
A friend of mine sent me an email warning me of this virus. You know me, I had to check it out with Snopes and this is what I found out. This notice is both a true warning and a hoax. I'm sure you've received Hallmark email postcards just like me. Apparently, some idiots have found a way to attach virus' to these postcards and send them out to innocense people. As soon as someone opens the attachment the worm virus gets into your hard drive and wipes it clean. Click here in order to read the warning from Snopes. I guess the bottomline is to be careful.

On A Side Note
I want to thank my good friend Laura for the comment yesterday. Ha Ha! What can I say? I've always been considered a passionate person especially when it relates to something I believe in. I've noticed the older I get, I just can't keep my mouth shut. I have to voice my opinion. I hope I don't come across to my audience as being on the edge or a hate-munger because I'm not. After all that's been going on these past few years, I do believe in the system. There are some good people working for us in the government. I'm wanting them to sound off because right now, I'm not hearing them voice their opinion too much. Also, they are saying what they'll do, but not necessarily doing what they say. Am I angry with the current administration? Maybe just a little when it comes to something not being handled correctly. Am I aggravated and frustrated with the system? Absolutely. Pres. Obama says not to play the blame game and how we need to just work together. My question is how can you solve the issue without finding the source of the problem and eliminating it? For instance, Sen. Chris Dodd was one of I don't know how many other members who created the loophole for AIG's bonuses. Were you aware he received donations from AIG during his campaign in order to get him elected (where he's at right now)? It sounds like the typical "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours". That is until he got caught and then he threw the blame off to the Treasury Secretary. Now, the AIG employees are pretty much forced to give back their bonuses either by volunteer or being taxed at 90%. I blame all who signed this stimulus bill through and they should have to eat it. No one wants to be responsible for this mess. Let's tax each individual Senators, House of Representatives, President and Speaker of House 90% to replace the monies that went towards all of these companies giving out bonuses right after receiving bailout money. Now that would be the correct way to handle this situation. You can't tell me that if you made a mistake at your workplace, causing your company to loose money, you would get away with it scott free. No, you would have to pay the money back and possibly be fired from your position. So, what's the difference here?


Anonymous said...

The tree is so pretty! Katie's dress is just adorable :)

thekeyes said...

Canyou believe it.. by friday you might have a little baby. wow.. last week! Can't wait to see pictures of Colton!

Sister Sandy said...

Katie Bug,
You look so beautiful in your dress! I love the pictures of you in your dance costume! I wish I could see you dance at your recital. How about you dance for me at Whitney's wedding? We will dance together, okay? Take good care of your Mommie and give her lots of hugs and kisses for me. Love you so very much, Aunt Sandy