Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Is Nancy Pelosi Smoking?

So, what in the world is going on with Nancy Pelosi? First, she is pushing all of these ridiculous agendas of hers. Second, she abuses the use of the G8 (my opinion). Now, she is voicing her opinion that illegal immigrate raids are un-American. She commends illegal immigrates working in the US and on top of that she promises the illegals they will continue to work in the US. What?

Personally, I feel Nancy is a ticking time bomb and should step down as the Speaker of the House as soon as possible. Trust me, I let my congressmen know today that I didn't appreciate seeing her face and hearing her saying these things on National television. If you want to get in touch with your congressmen and don't know how to contact them, I have a website click here. You'll see that I've got Alabama's Senator screen up, but you can choose a different state.

I feel Nancy would be wise to sit back and take it easy for a while. My word, doesn't she feel that Congress is getting beat up enough because their popularity rates are not at the highest right now. Senators are getting an ear full from their constituents because of the mess they have created by voting for these stimulus packages.

Mom and Dad Visit
Mom called me this morning to see if we would be home today. Of course, I've been taking it easy, so I assured her that we would be here. She said that dad wanted to go to the gym and work out and she didn't want to stay at home by herself. I told her to come on over any time and we would visit, while dad went to the gym. We had such a good visit. They wanted to give the baby something special and she knew we had received all of the necessary things for him. I knew they went out to the Grotto not too long ago and I'm glad they did because they gave Colton a beautiful wooden cross to hang up in his room. It's so pretty and can't wait to hang it up. You may not be aware, but mom continues to improve. She is able to wash dishes and clothes now on her own. It takes her a while to wash the dishes because she can't stand for a very long time, but she can do it. I'm so proud of her!


Laura said...

I loved this title and Alise LOVED Katie's ballet outfit! When I showed her the pics, she said, "Ooohhh!!"

Wade said...

Mi Sandy and I are planning to start attending tea parties to protest our government being out of control. Our child will never be able to pay off the debt these idiots are saddling them with. SHAME ON THESE CRIMINALS!!!!!!! Love Wade