Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Sandy!


I would like to wish my big sister a very Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Sandy!

I hope she has a wonderful day

Cold, Cold Go Away
Okay, I'm ready for Winter to be over now. Not only the bone chilling temperatures, for some people, but also the common colds and sinus problems. Sunday morning, Katie and myself came down with a sinus attack. This includes the lovely sinus pressure and hacky couch. Yuck!

Do you know what is sad? Monday night, I woke up in the middle of the night and I became startled, I could hear this man talking that sounded like he was in the far distance because his voice was so low. It was almost a whisper. I perked up to make sure I wasn't asleep and just dreaming. No, I could still hear this low talking man. Oh my gosh, I held my breath to figure out where he was coming from. Well, he stopped talking. As soon as I took a breath, I could hear him again. Then, it hit me like a box of rocks. It was me wheezing. Every time I took a breath a man was talking. Ugh! As soon as I cleared my chest, the man went away. So sad!

Yesterday, Katie is feeling much better. Every once in a while, she'll couch or have a running nose. Overall, she feels much better than I do. I'm afraid I kept Doug up most of the night last night because of me being miserable. I'm hoping after today, this stuff will all pass and the sun will shine again. Ha!

Facebook Virus Warning
I've addressed this issue to my friends on Facebook, but I also wanted to make sure that my blogging buddies are aware of this as well. Facebook Virus Video information is supplied by CNN News. Apparently, you can get a notice that might be misleading stating it's coming from one of your friends. As soon as you open the notice "from your friend", it will ask you to download a specific software in order to view it. You thinking it is coming from your friend, you might be tempted to download this software and this is where the virus takes over your computer. Get this, it not only takes over your computer, but also can access personal information about your contacts/friends including email addresses. The virus could use you as the next source to attack it's next victim, your friends. Please be careful!

No More Rainy Weekends
Currently, we have another big chance of rain and possible storms this coming weekend. Ugh! I'm so hoping that the rain will go away or come early because we need to get the changing table and a few other baby items out of storage. Time's ticking and I would feel so much better, if this furniture was here and washed down.

Today, I plan (dragging) to air out this house. The temps here are suppose to be in the 60s, so that will be okay to open the windows and hopefully get this cold bug out of our house. I just bought a brand new bottle of Lysol Disinfectant last week and buddy, I plan on using it. Now, I need your prayers that I will find the energy in order to do it. LOL!

Baby Update
I know I haven't posted any new baby bump pictures. Lord willingly, I'll try to get Doug to take my picture for you. I hope I'll be looking and feeling better by that time. Ha! I will tell you this, baby is growing and growing. He has stopped the somersaults and I think it's because he is running out of room in there. He loves to stretch and jump around. I'm at the stage where it's hard to breathe at times, which makes my cold symptoms worse.

I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow for my 36 week check up. After tomorrow, I'll get to go every week until the 27th of March. Whoo Hoo! I'm a little more excited each day and really knocking out my list of things I need. I still have a few more things to get and then it will be sterilizing time. Yay!


Laura said...

I think you should have posted some of those wonderful old pictures of big Sis Sandy! And the man talking story really scared me until I read the punch line. Too funny! I'm ready for Baby Colton to get here, too!

Sandy Keyes said...

Thank You for the Birthday wishes! I am so sorry you aren't feeling well. Get rest when you can, I'll keep you and Colton in prayer. Kiss Katie Bug for me and don't let her forget me! Love, Sister Sandy

Allison said...

I'll be happy to come take some maternity photos for you if you'd like. Just let me know! Hope you guys feel better soon.