Saturday, March 28, 2009

Katie Meets Colton

"Big Sister"

I'm still having a hard time grasping the fact that I just delivered nearly a 9 pound baby boy! Shoo! I knew he was heavy to carry around inside of me for a few days. Can you imagine how much he would have weighed if we went a full 40 weeks? Wow! I'm going to have to get Doug to take a picture of Colton's hair. Oh my gosh! It's blonde and a lot of it. I know in the first photo that you saw, it looked redish. Well, after they washed and dried it, it's as blonde as blonde can be.

Katie absolutely loves her baby brother. All she kept telling me is how pretty he was. She'd say, "oh mommy, he's so pretty." As she would watch other people hold Colton, it was killing her to hold him. Bless her heart, I felt so sorry for her. Hopefully, she'll get to hold him (with help) tomorrow. I asked her if she would want to take him home with us. "uh huh," she replied. Then, she asked if we were going home yesterday.

While I was in Triage, Katie got to see me before I went into surgery. She had to tell me all about the party going on downstairs. Most everyone was here, waiting in the big Lobby and Katie was eating it up. She loves all the attention. I wonder if she's going to like Colton getting some of her attention, when we all get home?

Colton and I are doing fine. We both got a clean bill of health. The nurses have been getting me up today. I think it will help a lot in working out the soreness because I've been feeling some pain. They went ahead and took me off the PCA (pain pump). I'm strictly on Perkaset (?) and Motrin. I've been trying to sit up most of the morning, in hopes it will help me not get so stiff.

Katie Trying On Flowergirl Dresses for Whitney's Wedding

In order to get Katie out and about for a little while, the girls took Katie by David's Bridal to try on a few dresses for the wedding.
Whitney & Leslie reported back how much fun Katie had trying on all of these beautiful dresses. The girls were laughing because Katie would put on a dress and begin dancing around.

Katie told Whitney when she saw one dress, "oh my momma would love this dress". She is such a priss. LOL!

More photos will be on our photosite.


The Thorsrud Family said...

I cant get over how BIG he is either! WOW! Sounds like you are all doing wonderfully. I am sooo happy all of our babies are here safe and sound for the mommies to snuggle with! He is such a cutie pie and Katie is going to be a wonderful big sister. She looks very pretty in all of her dresses! HOW BLESSED ARE YOU GUYS?! Neither one of us knew if God would bless us with children, and now we are, in His time. YEA! I love it!

Laura said...

I just love these pictures! God has bless you guys with two beautiful children, Mi! Congratulions!!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of Katie and Colton! She is going to love having him home and all to herself. Look out Aunt Junie, I don't think Katie is going to share. HA! Maryann called and told me about the dress shopping trip. She was laughing so hard, had a wonderful time with Katie. I love the dress in the first picture! Can't hardly wait for July to see everyone and met my new nephew, Colton. Love, Sister Sandy