Friday, March 13, 2009

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Baby Update
I had my 37 week doctor's appointment yesterday and everything went real well. Things went so well and since I'm scheduled for a C-Section & Tubal on the 27th day of March, Dr. Kakani told me that I don't have to come into the office next week. Of course, she said to call or come in if I'm having problems. Other than that she doesn't want to see me until 9:30 on the next Friday morning. Get this! As big as I am and as much as I'm eating, I actually lost some weight this week. Go figure! Dr. Kakani and I just looked at each other in amazement because I haven't been real bad sick for the past couple of weeks. I guess I'll take it and for my reward, I bought a bag of powdered donuts. LOL!

I am considered at full term, so we are down to the wire. I could go into labor at any time. Do you think I'll make it to my scheduled surgery date? Some people think I might go into labor a week or so before my surgery. My dad predicted that I would go into labor on the 15th of March. I asked why the 15th? He shrugged his shoulders and said he just feels that is when it will happen. I didn't argue with him because I'm all for it.

Beings I probably won't be back in Huntsville until the baby is born, I made my way to Babies R Us after my appointment. I needed a new changing table cover and wanted to check out the sales. It was a good thing that I wasn't in a hurry because to my surprise, I found Pack 'n Play sheets. I never could find these when Katie was a baby. I didn't like having to use regular crib sheets because they were so bulky and bassinet sheets didn't seem to work well either. You would have thought I found a hidden treasure because I found them way in the back of the store on the end of the aisle. It's too bad they were not on sale $9.99, but I still think it is worth purchasing.

Also knowing I probably won't have another opportunity to go shopping before Easter, without Katie, I took advantage and headed to Target. I'm so relieved to get my Easterbunny shopping finished. Now, I've got to get out our Easter decorations and fix up the house a little bit. Peggy mentioned to me that she would like for us to come over sometime next week and let Katie help her decorate for Easter. I thought that was a good idea because I need to take a few Spring/Easter pictures of her.

I've gone over and over in my head these past few days and I think we have every thing ready for baby boy. This next week, I plan to sterilize bottles, pacifiers, and put the crib sheets on. I've been working on Thank You cards, but failing in mailing out birthday cards. Ugh! Sorry guys!

Katie Shopaholic
Speaking of shopping, Katie is slowly turning into my shopping buddy. Lately, I've noticed she loves to go clothes shopping (for her). Going through her closet, I could see that she needed a few Spring/Summer clothes. Last Tuesday, we headed to Belk (at risk that G'ma Peggy might have already bought out the store - lol!). Well, I guess it's a good thing that Katie has been spending quite a bit of time with G'ma Peggy and G'pa Millard because going through the girl's clothes, she told me what G'ma had already bought her. Not too sure if Katie really knew what she was talking about, I waited and didn't purchase the outfits. Now, I'm glad I didn't! Yesterday when I picked up Katie from Peggy and Millard's, I told Peggy the story. Sure enough, she brought out the clothes and there were the outfits Katie told me not to buy.

Katie is so ready for Summer and swimming lessons. Belk had a rack with a few swimsuits on sale. She fell in love with one that was hot pink with yellow flowers all over it. It was cute! Knowing that she'll probably need a new one this year, I went ahead and got it. As soon as we got home, she striped down and wanted that swimsuit on. She wore it the rest of the day and pretended that the loveseat was her beach. She went as far as covering the couch with a blanket, put a few of her stuffed animals on the couch, put on her sunglasses and stretched out on couch to get some rays. When the sun stopped shining through the Living Room window, she asked me where the sun went because she needed it for her beach. Where she gets this stuff, I have no idea. The next day, I went through one of her drawers in her bedroom and came across her swimsuits from last year. Her eyes lit up! I guess she could see GOLD. "Momma, I got to try them on," she announced. Of course, she couldn't fit into the 3T swimsuits, but she could still wear the 4 Tinkerbell bikini. She had a fit because there was another swimsuit that she could wear. Because it was a bikini, she was a little self-conscious. Her belly button was showing and she kept pulling the top down. I started picking at her, telling her that she is suppose to let her belly button show. I think she got a little embarrassed and began giggling.

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

I would like to wish my niece a very . . .

Happy Birthday Leslie!

Her birthday is not until tomorrow, but I hope she has a wonderful and well deserved weekend!


Laura said...

I am so saddened by the announcement of the tubal. Obviously you're not giving birth at a Catholic hospital - Ha! Anyway, my prediction is that Baby will arrive on March 27th!

Amie said...

wow, only 2 weeks left?! crazy!! can't wait to see pictures!

The Thorsrud Family said...

YEA for almost having baby Colton in your arms! YEA! I always would way rather take care of a baby than be pregnant! At least your not uncomfortable 24 hours a day! Take care and do everything to try to get labor going! You never may work! (didn't for me though :P hehe) Happy Birthday Leslie! Don't have to much fun!

Allison said...

I think the baby might arrive on March 23rd. And I think he will weigh in at 8 lbs 2 oz.! :)