Monday, March 23, 2009

I Need Your Prayers

I really haven't done much this weekend, other than wait around and be miserable. Maryann came over Saturday. She needed a little help on the computer, so I was thankful for that. I needed to get my mind off of me. I went with Doug and Katie to pick up some groceries. I just needed to get out, but I couldn't last for very long. Ugh! What can I say? I'm just at that point where I'm begging God to please have mercy with me and let me go into labor. Isn't that sad?

Yesterday, Susan, Leslie & Jon came over to visit. It was so good to see them, but I don't think I was much company. I tried my best, but I could tell that I was struggling. Sorry guys! I'll do better when all of this is over. Last night, I was so miserable and in distress that all I wanted to do was cry. Doug tried his best to cheer my up. Yeah, I have less than 4 days left, but it feels more like 4 months. I think what makes it so bad for me is the severe acid reflux. Ugh! I have a recliner, I could sleep in. The bad thing about is it's very very old and needs to be re-stuffed. So, suffer from acid reflux or wake up with numb limbs and severe back and headaches. Hmmm! Hopefully by Saturday, I won't be such a whiner! Please remember me in your prayers.

Health Warning
You probably heard this information this past weekend, like I did. Do you remember eating the little Smarties candies as a child? I still like to munch on a tube of them with my little girl. Well, some kids have taking to smoking these candies. Apparently, they crush the candies inside the plastic sleeve and suck the candy dust into their mouth and be able to blow out a small cloud of smoke/dust. I'm sure these kids think this is cool, fun and harmless. Right? According to doctors, this is very harmful to children or any one. It's harmful because the candies are crushed into a crystal size dust and when inhaled these sharp candy crystals are sucked into the child's mouth and could do a lot of damage. Below is a quote from Fox News:

Doctors say that smoking Smarties can lead to coughing, infections or, in rare cases, maggots entering kids' noses to feed on the dust residue, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Eric Ostrow, vice president of sales and marketing for Smarties manufacturer Ce De Candy, Inc., put it more simply: "It's just dumb."


The Thorsrud Family said...

we will pray for you! Hang in there, soon you will have a baby to hold and have your body somewhat back to yourself. I cant wait to see pictures!! Take every minute at a time!

thekeyes said...

I'm sorry your in distress. We will say a prayer for you. The last week always seems like eternity for everyone i think. MAybe you could invest in one of those big armchair pillows for your bed and sleep up against it. I have no idea what those things are called.. the ones they use to sit up and watch t.v. in bed or whatever.. That might help for the next couple of days.?? WE are getting so much snow here. YOu should see it. It's crazy cause it was 65ish yesterday. lol
WE will be praying for you!

Sister Sandy said...

Oh Mi,
I have had you on my mind all weekend and all day today. Bless your heart. Yes, I have been praying for you during this time too. Hang in there girl, you are almost done, and then you receive the most wonderful blessing from the Lord, a child! I'll call you later this week. I will continue to pray, and give Praise to the Lord, we are about to all be blessed with another baby to shower our love on, and my little sister's cries to God have been answered once again! Praise God! I love you so very much. Love, Sister Sandy

Allison said...

I'm praying for you. I remember those days and it does get really hard. I had severe heartburn too and it did seem like Rolaids helped more than Tums.
You're almost there though. Let me know if I can help or call if you just want to talk!
Hugs to you both you and Katie.