Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Phew! Is it Monday yet? I've been hard at it since last Wednesday, getting things done. We've all (whole family) have worked hard to get ready for little Colton and we are finally able to enjoy the results.

Friday, I guess you could say that we had a little cleaning party. Maryann came over to help clean some more that I couldn't reach like ceiling fans & curtains. Doug was home, so I got him all ready to take our income tax to get filed. Dad and mom came over to visit. Dad wanted to purchase a side table for mom in their Living Room. So, mom stayed with Maryann and myself, while dad went shopping. Mom babysat me to make sure I didn't do too much. Later, Whitney and Zayne came by to visit for a little bit. It's been awhile since Whitney has seen me (approx. a month), so her eyes were huge when she saw me coming to the door. Of course, Katie wouldn't let Whitney visit with us. She kept begging her to go in her room or color with her. It was funny how Katie kept coming up with ideas for them to do. It was so good to see them.

Saturday, Doug, Katie and I headed to Lowes for blinds, wooden rods and wooden rod ring clips. He changed out the old blinds in Colton's room and installed rods in order to hang up valances and the fishy quilt, Sandy quilted. While Doug did that big job, I headed into Katie's room and added the ring clips to her wooden rod, hanging up over her bed. Now, we have the "Katie" quilt that Sandy made her, hanging up. It looks so good and matches her room perfectly. The "Katie" quilt has lilac and yellow colors in it, which goes perfect with Katie's new twin bed set and valances. We also went to Peggy and Millard's to pick up the baby's changing table, car seat & bases, pack & play and vibrating chair. Poor Doug stayed up working on the baby's room until close to 11:00 p.m., but everything looks great.

Doug trying to get Katie's Princess kite up . . . just not enough wind

Katie riding around in her Barbie Jeep. The outfit she's wearing came from Wayne & Laura.

We had just gotten it in the mail that day & she had to wear it right then.

Thank you so much for Katie & Colton's gifts. Katie loves her yellow outfit & flip-flops!

Doug & Katie racing Paw-Paw Millard in a lawnmower race

Katie & Doug just riding around

Yesterday, our Sunday School class threw me a surprise baby shower. You talk about getting choked up. It was so unexpected, especially with your second baby. I couldn't express my appreciation enough. Oh my gosh! We received diapers, clothes, toys, wash clothes, bibs, and gift certificate. It was so sweet of everyone. One of the ladies even made a delicious cake for our little party. Susan and Jon came over after church to help clean and decorate the baby's room. We got all the baby furniture wiped down. I kept the washer and dryer busy getting things like valances, baby bed set and baby clothes washed up. Oh, the baby's room is looking so much better every time we do a little something else to it. Even Doug went in there after Susan was finished for the day and said it was looking good. I dropped the news on him at the moment, now we need to organize his dresser and the computer area a little better. He just looked at me.

Today, I think I'm going to take the day off and rest. I don't think I pushed myself too much these past few days, but I'm really tired. I've been having difficult nights, of course, with the baby. If I'm not having Braxton Hicks, he is pushing on (I think) some major organs. Ugh! The past couple of nights, I'll wake up just sick at my stomach and I can tell that he's all balled up and pushing on something inside of me. What's bad is I can't get him to move like you would when he sticks his foot outside my belly or my side. At times, I think he is going to snap my spine in half because I'll get real bad backaches. Of well, it won't be long. Right?


Allison said...

You look so ready to have that little boy! Sounds like everything is coming together well for him too. Let me know if you need anything!
Katie is welcome to come play with Anya anytime still too if you'd like and need to run some errands or just need a rest!

The Thorsrud Family said...

It won't be long! It seems like an eternity though. I thought of it as the magical way God got me ready to get the baby out. haha. Take care! Your looking great! I can't wait to see your baby boy!

Laura said...

I'm so glad that Katie's outfit fit! Alise saw it and said she wanted one, too, but when I went back, they didn't have one. Oh well! Like she doesn't have enough clothes already!!

Take it easy!! You'll be wishing you had propped your feet up alot more soon enough!!