Sunday, March 29, 2009

Check Out My Little Blonde Boy

Doug still can't get over Colton having blonde hair. I'm not surprised because it's on my side of my family. I've got some really good pictures to show you guys. My new favorite is of him dressed in one of his coming home outfits. The hospital photographer came by yesterday morning taking pictures and she suggested going ahead and putting his outfit on for pictures. Oh, I was so glad. It all happened so quickly that I went ahead and put on the blue gown instead of the white romper. I was afraid the white romper might be too little and I didn't have much time to try on both outfits. Plus, we wanted him to stay as happy as possible. Now, I see the gown is still a little big, we might bring him home in the white romper.

Check out all the blonde hair. He is such a sweetheart.


thekeyes said...

What a cutie I can't get over how big he is.9 lbs wow! You did good mama!

Cary Hairbows said...

OHHH! He is soooooooooo sweet!!!! Love his smocked sacked gown.

How is your recovery coming along? Hope you are feeling better (you look fabulous!). :o)


Laura said...

Gosh, he's beautiful! Mirya, I think you should consider the first pic to use as his birth announcement! It is so good!!

Anonymous said...

See Mi, all that heart burn and acid reflux was worth it, look at all that beautiful HAIR! I think we need to nicname him Samson. Big Boy, big big boy!!!! Have fun taking him home and getting settled. Has Katie gotten to hold him yet? Pictures of that PLEASE!!!! Love, Sister Sandy

Allison said...

That hair is so pretty! He's really a cutie! Are you doing okay after the c-section? I thought it was much easier the second time.