Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Catching Up . . .

Here Grows Colton
I haven't given you any updates on Colton in awhile, I wanted to let you know that he is still here. HA HA! He is probably the most pampered baby boy because Katie and I always uhh and ahh over him. Like Katie, he seems to be the happiest little baby (always smiling). You can't help but smile back at him, when he grins at you and with those smilin' eyes. It just brings joy to my heart. He is a very loved little boy.

I think I told you that he started rolling over when he turned 4 months old. This month, he has been reaching for things and especially to gesture being picked up. HA HA! He has a very healthy appetite. Normally, he eats 6 oz. of milk every 4 hours (still) and eats a stage 2 jar of baby food (yes, a whole jar) 3 times a day. I think he is going through another BIG growing phase because for the past several days, he's been waking up at night. He'll drink down 6-7 oz. of milk like there's no tomorrow and go back out (like a light). He was giving me some trouble (sleeping and clingy) these past few days. Well, I guessed that it was his teeth giving him problems. From what I saw this morning, I guessed correctly. One of his bottom teeth is finally poking through. Right now, all you see is a white spot on his gum. He loves to sit up, but still doesn't have enough strength to stay up for long. I'll prop him up and slowly he'll fall down onto his face. He tries so hard to sit up and stay up. I think I'm going to take out his bassinet in his Pack 'n Play, so he can start practicing more. I remember when Katie was at that age, I did the same thing to her. She thought she was big stuff, sitting up and playing with her toys. Colton will be 6 months old the 27th of September. I love it when they are at that age, so cute. It seems like their personality really comes shining through.

I got an "Oriental Trading" magazine in the mail the other day. They have so many cute and neat crafts for small children. I'd like to purchase a couple for Katie and I to tackle. I really like the 3D "Tree of Thanks" centerpiece. CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT ONLINE. I can't find the 3D "Tree of Thanks" online, but here's one similar.

Katie Story
According to Doug, Katie saw my Mr. Clean Eraser box. She told Doug that she knew that man (pointing at the Mr. Clean picture). Doug asked her if it was Chuck (friend). "Yeah! That's Chuck" she said. So Chuck, I'll guess you'll be known as the "Mr. Clean" guy from now on. LOL!

Political Update
I wanted to post this last weekend, but I've been a little wrapped up. My recent post have been a little vague because I've been in a hurry with life in general. Right now, Katie is playing sweetly in her room. Colton is sound asleep (for right now) and Doug is on the phone with Henry (Fantasy Football).

I hope you were able to watch "The 912 Project Special" on FOX Network. It aired Saturday afternoon and it was hosted by my favorite commentator, Glenn Beck. I apologize for not reminding you about it. I was able to DVR it and all I can say is WOW! Buddy, I'm afraid Obama and his administration has awoken a sleeping giant for real. They scanned cameras from the Capital and it was a sea of people. Below is a clip of the aired special.

What is with Congress?
Sure, I don't agree with Sen. Joe Wilson (R) telling Pres. Obama, during his speech, that he was a liar. What was he lying about? Well, Pres. Obama was stating during a speech to Congress that no where in the proposed Healthcare bill does it state that illegal immigrants will be eligible for Health Insurance. Well, it may not say that specifically, but there are loop holes that were amended from the original bill. Loop holes that will make it possible for the illegal immigrants to be covered. Think about it, what hospital or doctor is going to turn away a sick or injured person?

Since the embarassing moment for Sen. Wilson, he has apologized to Pres. Obama and he has accepted. Water under the bridge. Right? Well, with the help of former Pres. Jimmy Carter, he wants to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Pres. Jimmy Carter is saying that Sen. Wilson's outburst was "an act based on racism." It went on as far as Sen. Wilson being rebuked Tuesday in a House vote for his conduct during the Presidental Speech to Congress. The rebuke was for "a rare resolution of disapproval pushed by Democrats who insisted that Wilson violated basic rules of decorum and civility. Republicians characterized the measure as a witch hunt and Wilson, who had already apologized to Pres. Obama, insisted he owed the House no apology." Com'on! Can we not get back to what's more important? The Demos are making this Wilson thing such a BIG issue, when they need to be investigating their own party members, like Rangel. Sen. Rangel had a memory lapse and just forgot to file taxes on the millions of dollars he profited. Oh, don't worry. He's worked things out with the IRS and is willing to pay the outstanding taxes, but he will not be charged any penalty fees. You can not tell me that if you or I were in the same situation that the IRS would let me off without paying the penalty fees. The Government Corruption has to STOP!

Congress is doing one thing right - FINALLY! Majority of Congress voted to stop all financial aid to ACORN temporarily, so a criminal investigation can be underway. If you've missed the past couple of weeks, 4 different ACORN facilities were caught on camera assisting in ways to financially aid in several crimes. An undercover grad student and film maker went to 4 different ACORN organizations (Baltimore, Washington DC, California & New York). They posed as a pimp and prostitute. They were requesting financial aid in order to run a functioning "Cat House" with illegal aliens, are minors (12-15 years old) I might add, to live there and "perform tricks." The ACORN assistants were all willing to help and even giving tax information advice on how to avoid the IRS from being suspicious in the whole act. Needless to say, ACORN fired 4 employees (caught in the act) and filed a law suit against FOX Network and the parties involved in this undercover sting. ACORN's arguement is the undercover persons are committing a crime by filming someone that didn't give consent to be filmed. What? They added that the films were doctored and is all false. If this is the case, why did they fire the 4 employees involved? Go figure! Here's an interview of the undercover student, Hannah, and film maker by The New York Post.

We've got to stop this act! You can help by contacting your Congressman.

Abortion, Another Loop Hole In The Healthcare Reform
Sen. Bart Stupak (D-MI)is trying to get a meeting with Pres. Obama regarding the "controversay over Abortion and the Healthcare Reform." During his speech to Congress, Pres. Obama stated that in no way will the right to an Abortion will be included in the proposed Healthcare Reform bill. He may not have said "you lie," but Sen. Stupak has to disagree with Obama. Sen. Stupak is a moderate Democrat that is Pro-Life and wants this part of the bill taken out or have the House pass his bill to never have Abortions covered under any Healthcare Reform. Unfortunately, his bill was denied. Hear his interview with Fox News' Megyn Kelly.



Sister Sandy said...

Hey Girl! Sounds like the kiddos are doing great, and you are really enjoying being Mommy! So happy for you! Yea, politics! Wow, mind blower pretty much every day. Suggestion: This ACORN is deep, from small community all the way to federal level. So, contact your state/community level leaders, demand they shut down & investigate ACORN in your state, any fraud/crimes, prosecute! I googled our state, Wyoming has no ACORN offices. So much for where I am going to direct my wrath! LOL! Have a great day, enjoy your blog. Love, Sandy

Laura said...

I get the OTC catalog and saw the Tree of Thanks. That would be a cute project!

Give the big C-man a kiss for me and tell him that his Aunt Laura misses him very much. So glad that tooth finally came in!

Thanks for the political update! I haven't had time to watch TV...except for Oprah's interview w/Whitney Houston that Wayne DVR'd for me!