Sunday, September 13, 2009

Prayer Request Updates

Prayer Request Updates
Shannon P. - (Cancer)he is still in Tennessee. He underwent a bone morrow transplant this past Tuesday. He's not doing good. He came down with a fever yesterday and he's not suppose to have a high temperature for a week. The doctor didn't want to see this happen. Shannon's parents and wife are staying in an apartment close to the hospital. I'm assuming it's an apartment provided by the hospital, sometimes they do that for extreme cases. Please continue to lift Shannon and the family up in your prayers.

Beth M. - (Breast Cancer)she has been undergoing radiation. This last time that she had her radiation treatment, it really got her burned up. Please continue to lift Beth up in your prayers. May God give her at least some relief.

Mom - she seems to continue to improve every time I see her. Her and dad came over for a little bit tonight. I noticed right off the bat, she was standing taller and more straight this time. She didn't seem so tired and out of breathe. Sure, she still may loose her balance at times, but she gets right back straight again. WONDERFUL! Dad thinks it's time for her to start driving again. She is so nervous because it's been well over a year since she's drove. I think it's a great idea. I tried to encourage her by telling her to just start out slow. Maybe she could drove around the driveway, then down the road and back. You have to crawl before you can walk. And you have to walk before you can run. Right? She went back to the doctor this past week. There have been questions that she might have Parkinson's Disease because of her trembling in her hand. The doctor looked her over and had her do a few things and confirmed that she only has a type of Parkinson's that is brought on by the drug Raglan. She took this drug for quite sometime for indigestion, while in the hospital and nursing home. When she finally came home for good this last time, we noticed that she was still taking them and she had no symptoms of indigestion or heartburn. So, we threw them out. It wasn't long before she began to have the shaky arm. Now, I see tons of advertisements about the side effects of Raglan. Ugh! The doctor assured mom that she will not be getting worse. In fact, she asked dad if he could see improvement in mom or her getting worse. He agreed that he could tell a huge improvement with mom's motor skills. Him saying this confirmed her analysis. Bottomline, mom will either stay the same or improve (shaky hand/arm) with time. I'm just so proud of her and her accomplishments. Thank you for all of your prayers. She has felt them and God has definitely heard them all. Please continue to pray for her continual improvement.

Katie - I think the honeymoon is over when it comes to school and ballet. I was so hoping it would wait until half of the year is gone before we got to this point. Well I kinda suspected this a week ago Friday, but I was so hoping it was because she didn't get a good night's sleep. The child likes to stay up late, no matter how early I put her to bed, I can't make her sleep. This is something, both her and I are still working on. Well last Wednesday, she cried going to school. She didn't want to go because she was "scared." She started this "scared" phase a couple of months ago. She got to where she was scared to go to Sunday School class and she would go with us to church. After awhile, she would have enough of church and she would be ready to go to class. Now, she's doing it with school and ballet. Last week, I had to drag her to school and walk her to her class because she cried and that she was "scared." Friday, she finally told me that she was scared because she didn't think her little friends (she plays with) were in class. Honestly, I think she's afraid she's going to miss something. She wants to come with me to see what I'm going to do and then if it's too boring like sitting inside a big building, listening to the preacher, she's ready to go to class. How do I nip this? I don't want to discourage her, but in the same sense, I don't want her to think she can have it both ways. Which is what she is getting right now! She does the same thing with ballet. She cries and makes it difficult for me to get her ready. I have to listen to her all the way to the studio and she sticks to me like glue until she can find a friend to play with. After all of that, then she's perfectly fine and ready to go practice. When I pick her up from school or ballet, she tells me that she still love it and wants to come back the next day. So, it's not like I'm forcing her to do something she doesn't want to do. I'm so hoping this is just a temporary phase, she must be going through. I just hope it stops SOON! Where's my calgon? I need my calgon!

Me - As you know, I'm starting back on Weight Watchers tomorrow. Ugh! I'm going to try to go with a positive attitude and spirit with this decision because I'm getting unhealthy day by day. I just hope I'm not at the point of no return, that would be pretty depressing. I have a plan set and I've got my snacks handy. All I need is God to carry me through this ordeal and I know he will. Please pray that God will bless me with his strength and power to reach my ideal (healthy) weight. Thank you!

Chick-fil-a Meal
For those of you that live in Cullman and like to eat at Chick-fil-a, please go by Chick-fil-a in Cullman from 3PM-9PM on September 17th. I think for every meal you purchase at Chick-fil-a during that time, a donation will go to Katie's school, Covenant School. Please help out our school and enjoy a great chicken sandwich.

Fair Parade
September 19th will be Cullman's big Fair Parade. Covenant School has decided to participate in the parade, so be looking for me and Katie. Maybe she can throw you a piece of candy. According to one report the parade should start at 2PM. If the time is different, I'll let you know.


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Sister Sandy said...

Talked to Mom a couple days ago. She sounds great. Thanks for posting about her condition and progress. Love, Sandy