Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bama Defensive End Gets Shot Last Night!

Just some funny Bama photos to get your funny bone started

Bama Football Player Gets Shot
Monday night, Brandon Deaderick, defensive end, was shot in the arm during a robbery attempt at an off-campus apartment. It's been reported that Deaderick is hospitalized and in good condition. You can read more HERE.

Defrazzling Mom
Do you ever feel like you are loosing your mind and you are so frazzled that you don't know whether to wind your behind or scratch your watch? Carrie had a great post today on MOMS on how God would want you to de-frazzle and come to Him for rest. I know there are days, no let me re-phrase, I have lots of days where I honestly believe that my children were sent to me in order to test my patience. Patience that I absolutely do not have nor do I ever think I will get. Carrie's got a few common sense exercise steps for a more calm mom. For some great inspiration and a "you go girl" attitude, you need to check out today's blog post.

Labor Day Weekend Plans
We've got a big Labor Day celebration planned for this weekend. The whole Horton family is to join us at Millard and Peggy's house. We're so excited to see Wayne, Laura & Alise. We haven't seen them in a year and I know Alise has grown a foot since we saw her last. We're having a huge fish fry with all the fixin's. Later, we are going to watch Bama beat the snot out of Virginia Tech. ROLL TIDE! I think the next day, we are going to my favorite Chinese Restaurant ever, P.F. Chang's. I absolutely love their food. I only get to eat there on special occasions, so I'm pretty syked.


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Laura said...

LOVED those funnies! We are SOOOO excited about this weekend! I had to threaten Alise this morning that if she didn't get her clothes on and start acting sweet we were going to leave her at home this weekend. Needless to say, she got up and got her butt in gear!! Ha! I think Wayne talked to Doug last night, so he knows about the shrimp, but my house REEKS of shrimp! Yuck!! Also, they are HUGE!!! I just know we're gonna have a great time! I'm excited about it and the words P.F. Changs just makes my heart melt!