Thursday, September 10, 2009


Covenant School 2009-2010 ~ Pre-K4 (not everyone is in this picture)

L-R: Katie, Claire, Olivia, ? (Katie doesn't know who this is)

I forgot to show you Katie's Field Trip pictures. We went to Spradlin Farm at West Point to pick apples. To be honest, I think the best apples were already picked because the ones we found were in pretty bad shape. Katie was proud of them, so I let her buy a few. We also bought a few tomatoes, homemade chocolate chip cookies & homemade strawberry ice cream. Yummy! I think Katie had a good time out picking apples with her school buddies.

Katie & Olivia swinging on a huge rope

More Labor Day Photos

Katie & Alise had so much fun riding around in the Barbie Jeep

Alise had to have a little help from Millard getting started

Anthony is sporting his famous apple pie. Man is this pie delicious! It has just the right amount of spices.

It's almost too pretty to eat. Thank goodness, he made two. (TEHE!)

Wayne said these shrimp came fresh from the Gulf. Yummy! They were so good!

Alise got to hold baby Colton. I think she will make a wonderful big sister one day. (hint, hint)

Prayer Request
I've been asking prayer for Kellie C., she is my sister's niece. She had to have a hysterectomy today. She said that it went real good and she's fine, just sore. Please keep her in your prayers that God might heal her as soon as possible. Bless her heart, she's been in a lot of pain for a few years.

I've got a praise report. Kellie's grandmother, Faye, I've been asking prayers for got a good report. The knot in her neck isn't cancer. Shoo! The test came back and they are almost positive that it's not cancer. She has an appointment with a surgeon on the 21st to find out more information. Thank you for all the prayers and please keep her on your list. I will pass along information as it comes to me.

Weight Watchers
I haven't officially started my diet yet, but me and the children set out for a good walk around the community trails this afternoon. I couldn't walk as brisk as I had planned because Katie decided that she didn't want to ride her bike today. Nope! Instead, she wanted to take her baby doll for a stroll as well. Her doing this caused me to take extra precaution with her walking so close to me. She wouldn't walk behind or beside me. Oh no, she had to walk in front of me or on top. I just knew I was going to run up on her heels with Colton's stroller. My stroller wheel caught her stroller wheel and almost caused her to wreck. I warned her then that it was a bad idea to get so close to Colton's stroller. Do ya think she listened? You got it! NO! Poor baby, I was proud of her because she made it around the trail twice with me. All she cared about is playing at the small playground. She couldn't hardly wait to get on the slide. My plan is to walk for 30 minutes every day or at least every other day, depending on how my children are feeling. It's best to start fresh on Monday morning with the weigh in and find out my weight loss goal. Plus, I want all this GOOD food out of my house by Monday morning. This way, there won't be that many temptations. I've got to find my WW soup recipe and get that fixed because I know I'll need it. While breastfeeding, my doctor put me on a 2400 calorie diet and it's been very hard to get that fat off plus not feel so starved. Please pray for me. If I see I need help, it just so happens that I received a free WW registration fee coupon in the mail yesterday. It's not good until the end of this month. Honestly, once I get that soup made, I'm sure I'll be okay. The soup is like zero points and it's really good, I won't feel so starved.

ACORN Corruption Revealed
I don't know if you caught the ACORN video, when a young prostitute & pimp walks in a local ACORN organization requesting assistance in a loan to buy a house. The pimp and prostitute make it very clear to the ACORN employees that they want to buy a house to house prostitutes from El Salvador that are around the ages of 13-14. The employees don't bat an eye. In fact, they assist the couple in ways to dodge tax investigations, basically lie. You'd just have to watch the video to get your own opinion. The only media that is following this and other Obama Administration Staff is the FOX Network. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO & LEARN MORE. Glenn Beck is also another great source when it comes to the corruption on Capital Hill. You can watch Beck on the FOX network at 4 PM (CST) every day. CLICK HERE, to check out Glenn Beck's website.

I'm sure you're aware that Cass Sustein was confirmed today as our "Regulatory Czar." What does a "Regulatory Czar" really do? Well, beings I can't find a common definition of this description, I did find the meaning of the word "regulatory." According to, "regulatory" meanings: to control or direct by rule, principle or method. To adjust to some standard or requirement.

I've heard a lot of controversy about Mr. Cass Sustein. For one that he is such an animal advocate that he would like to see a bill passed that would allow an animal to sue his owner. Now, I like animals just like the next person, but are we going a little too far with this method of direction? He also wants it to outlaw all types of hunting of animals for food or sport. I have one thing to say, there goes the environment! Another thing that I really don't like is to regulate the air waves. This includes television, radio and internet. If he sees that the conversations are too conservative and right winged, he can have the power to pull the plug. I ask you, does this seem fair? He sure thinks so. It reminds me of when the current Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had the internet shut down. I'm sure you remember this because it wasn't that long ago. After it was offical that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was announced president, there was a big up roar. The Iranians were saying that the vote was rigged. They began videoing the riots and protesting and displaying it on YouTube. Well, as soon as the new president got word, he snapped his finger and all the internet access was gone. I don't want that to happen here and I don't think the rest of the US wants that either.

My word, we finally get a Marxist like Van Jones out of office just to see another loon going in. I haven't investigated all the current Czars, but so far I've got a bad taste in my mouth. I will continue to pray for our president, Lord knows he needs the prayers.



The Thorsrud Family said...

Wow, politics never was so interesting until Pres. Obama became our president. There is always some corruption, and problems, but right now it seems a lot more severe. Thank goodness God is in control, and not me! WHEWEY!

I commend you for starting to get on the right track in the diet area. I need to do something very badly, but I just can't find the energy. Seriously. I have no energy. I dont know if I have no energy because of needing to get into shape, or if it is left over from c.diff? I have a friend that also had c.diff and he felt bad for a good couple years after he got sick. hum....not sure. Maybe if I started, I would feel better. I do a lot around the house, and that seems to just completely wipe me out.

Laura said...

Good luck on your diet! Those pics of Katie with her posse are great!!