Thursday, September 3, 2009

Katie Get's A New Bicycle

As you know, I took Katie this morning to pick out her first real bicycle. She was so excited. She was concerned about her pink bike. She told me, as I was getting ready for the day, "well, the bike won't fit inside the truck. Where are you going to put it?" I explained to her about laying it in the bed of the truck. "Oh" she said in relief. As we were pushing the bike to the truck she asked, "will it blow out?" I assured her that it wouldn't blow out because I was going to lay it down on it's side. "But it won't hurt it laying like that. Will it?" she asked. I reassured her that nothing would happen to it and she could check on it as we drive off. She felt more at ease. Shoo! I was thinking that maybe she'll leave me alone now. Nope, not going to happen just yet. All the way to mom and dad's, she'd give me minute-by-minute updates on how her bicycle was doing. Well, I must have hit the brake a little harder than I thought when I came to a stop sign. I heard the bike move up towards the cab of the truck. I had an idea of where it was, but Katie didn't and buddy did she ever let me know about it. "WHERE'S MY BIKE? MOM, MY BIKE IS GONE! WHERE IS IT?" she asked frantically. Before the tears began to whale up in her eyes, I explained about me pressing the brakes too hard and that the bike scooted up. "ARE YOU SURE?" she asked with a quiver in her voice. "Yes" I replied as to reassure her once again. She felt much better. As soon as we reached mom and dad's house, she was eager to check it out.

She rode her bike for a good while and she did fairly well, I might add. Dad helped her out a lot, while I took care of Colton and visited with mom. We all had our camera's out taking pictures, like a couple of crazy people. Dad went as far as getting out his bike and riding around the driveway with her. Katie liked that idea and encouraged my dad to ride with her. If he rode his bike, she would ride hers right along with him. It was a sweet picture. He told me that he thought if she could see the way he was pedaling his bike, then she would understand better. It must of worked because she did pretty good. There was a time or two where she needed help and couldn't get it started or got in a tough spot. I guess she fell about 3 times. Thank goodness for her helmet and pads or I'd have one banged up little girl on my hands. Oh, she'd cry and carry on when she fell off, but it wouldn't be long before she was asking to go ride again. We all tried to encourage her to get back up on the bike and try again. I think it mostly hurt her feelings and made her mad. I know, if I get stuck on something and can't quite figure it out, I get frustrated and mad as well. One thing about it, I never give up and it looks like she doesn't either. Here are a few pictures I took today:

Katie's 1st bicycle

Papa John riding bikes with Katie

Grandma Jerry helping Katie along ~ and YES, it's a Barbie bicycle as well


Who ever put this video together did a fantastic job. Kudos! It got me a little excited and pumped. Finbaum stated tonight on FOX 6 Sports News that Bama is looking to have a great defensive team this year. I just hope we have a superb offensive team to go along with the defense. By the way, Saban reported that Deaderick is still doing good, but will not be playing this weekend. Honestly, I didn't expect him to anyway.


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Allison said...

What a pretty bicycle! Way to go Katie!