Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Labor Day Weekend

First of all, I'd like to give a BIG

to all my Tide Buddies. What a game! I couldn't hoot and holler too much because I was trying to get Colton to sleep, but it was a very exciting game. As most of you know, our cousins, Wayne, Laura and Alise, came up from LA to visit us for the Labor Day weekend. We enjoyed them so much and will miss them terrible until next time.

Saturday, we had a BIG family fish fry with all the Horton family. My goodness the FOOD! We had fish, shrimp, hot dogs, slaw, baked beans, hush puppies, onion rings, fries, desserts, desserts, and desserts. There was so much food leftover. Unfortunately, I'm the only one in my immediate family that likes shrimp (fried and boiled). Wayne and Laura left all this shrimp for me to eat. First of all, I don't think it can be done and secondly, my doctor isn't going to appreciate my already high cholestrol going higher. Ooops! Oh well, it's so good. I need to know from my fellow bloggers if I can freeze the boiled shrimp. There's so much of it, I'd hate to see it waste. Does anyone else like shrimp out there? If you do, come by and let me give you some.

Katie stayed the night with Alise at Millard and Peggy's house. Those girls acted as if they picked up where they left off. I think they get along so well together, just like sisters. We got so tickled at them playing with one another. I wish you could have heard the conversations. By the way, Laura - I'm sorry that my daughter was the first to tell your daughter "where babies come from." Ooops! At least you won't have to think about how to address the matter with her because she knows now. HA HA! At least it's a rated G description. HA HA! I've got so many pictures and some video that I've got to post from this weekend. It'll probably take me all week to tell the stories. Shoo!

Sunday, Wayne, Laura, Doug and myself went out on a date. It took us back to the days, we didn't have children yet. We checked in on Peggy and Millard often, to see if the children were behaving. Everyone was good except for Colton. I think his teeth are really giving him problems, cutting. Bless his heart, he gets no rest and there are times where he can't enjoy eating his dinner. All Peggy could do was comfort him. I hate it that he was giving her such trouble, but do appreciate the day off. Laura and I did a little shopping and was able to catch a few good sales. We had lunch at our favorite pizza place, "Mellow Mushroom" (yum) and supper at our favorite Chinese restaurant, "P.F. Chang's". Laura and I were making pictures of our meal at P.F. Chang's and we caught the guys rolling their eyes at us. Of course, them doing this caused me to make more pictures. I thought it was funny. I haven't downloaded those pictures yet, so I'll have to post that at another time.

Yesterday, we helped Millard and Peggy clean up, what they had left for us to help them with, and bring stuff back home. We were so tired last night!

I think we all pretty much dragged out of bed this morning. I know I didn't want to get up. Thank goodness, Colton let me sleep in until close to 7 AM. We had to get back into the groove this afternoon by taking Katie to ballet. She had a couple new little girls in her class; therefore, closing the class. One mom brought her daughter in to observe. she said that another class might be starting up because there are no more available spots on both (Tuesday and Thursday classes)days. I tell you what, Katie loves her ballet class. She hates it when she doesn't go to class. I think she would go every day, if we let her. Thank goodness for me, it's only one day a week. I don't think I could make it every day.

I'll be posting pictures, so be watching for them throughout the week. Hope to hear you had a wonderful and safe Labor Day.


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