Monday, September 21, 2009

Do Ya Smell What's The Katie's Been Cookin'?

Gum In The Hair
Yes, Katie went to spit out her gum and in her hair it went. Unfortunately, she didn't come to me with this problem. Instead, she thought she could fix it without coming to me, I'm guessing. Why I say this is because by the time she came to me about it, it was all tangled up in her hair. Real nice!

The first thing that I could think of was apply ice. Right? Well, it didn't work. I called my sister, Susan, to see what she would suggest. She thought maybe peanut butter or conditioner would do the trick. Nope, not for my child. The more I talked about cutting her hair, the more she whined and cried. Peggy suggested that I call my Cosmetologist, Theresa, and get her advice. Yes, that's an idea. Why didn't I think of it? Theresa told me to apply oil, the oilier the better. She recommended olive oil, but I couldn't find mine right off the bat. So, I grabbed the next best thing, Canola. As soon as it was applied to the gum, it was no time before it was all gone. Katie was relieved to find out that she didn't have to cut her hair.

The next job was to get the oil out of her hair. Ugh! First, I automatically reached for Katie's shampoo. Her hair was still oily and that's when I realized that her shampoo has conditioner already in it. It's one of those 3 in 1. The next 2 times, I washed her hair with my shampoo and had to let it work in really well before rinsing. Whala! All better.

Do You Smell Something?
That's what Katie asked me as I'm drying her hair. At first, I didn't know what she was talking about until it finally hit me. Doug asks her the same thing when he has just let out some gas. I know, it's gross. She had passed gas and as soon as she said that, she began laughing {her head thrown back and her eyes closed}. I'm hoping it's just a man thing and not a Katie as well. I asked her if that's what her daddy says. "Yeah! {giggling}." Doing my motherly job, I told her that we don't say things like that. Right out of her mouth, she says, "like butt. We don't say butt. Do we?" Oh me. I had to do everything to hold it back because this was way out of control.

Colton's Teeth
Poor baby has really been throwing fits this afternoon. Well at tubby time, I found out why. As I'm checking his tooth that was poking through, I felt the whole tooth now. It's at the point where the gum is separated from the tooth more, which is good for him. I can see the other tooth, but it hasn't poked through yet. It probably won't be long. He's been in quite a bit of pain, poor baby. I hate it for him because there's not much I can do to ease his pain. He has been chewing on everything he can get his hands on.

He continues to practice sitting up with a couple of pillows or his Boppy to help stablize him. He can lay down on his back to the pillow and sit right back up on his tush. I even noticed him laying on his side and was able to get his balance to push himself back up straight. He doesn't do it every time, but he is doing better.


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Laura said...

TOOOOOO much drama!!! I nearly fell out of my chair at work reading the gas part. OMGawd!!