Friday, September 18, 2009

Guess Where Beth Moore's Visiting?

Attention Wyoming Family!
I just took a look at Beth Moore's blog and guess where she is? Jackson Hole, visiting family. What a small world? You have to check it out by CLICKING HERE. Yeah, I know it is still some distance from you, but hey. I absolutely love Beth Moore's message of God Love and Strength. She is awesome! Among many photos, she has displayed, she has captured the Tetons and wild life. Oh, how it brought back memories. It's like I remember. I would love to go back some day with my family and show them the breathe taking Rocky Mountains.

The Diet Life
Well it's day four for my Weight Watchers diet. I think it is going pretty steady. I only had to use my emergency points twice this week (10 out of the 35). Yesterday, I ate 23 points worth of food out of the 24 daily points. I should have ate that last point. It's very important that I eat all the points provided. But Yay! I don't feel as starved today as I did on days one and two. Today, I've been more selfish with my points. If I'm about to eat something, I ask myself "is it point worthy?" Doug brought home sushi (Tuna) for lunch. I really like California Rolls, so I went straight to my points check book. I needed to see if the rolls were too high in points. Actually, it wasn't that bad (4 rolls are 3 pts.). I tried one roll, but I didn't think it was point worthy. Doug saw me put the rest back in the refridgerator. He laughed at me because I wouldn't eat the other 3.

I haven't been able to walk at our little trail because of all the rain we've had for the past couple of weeks. On top of that it doesn't look like we're going to get a break from the rain and thunderstorms any time soon. I checked the 7 day forecast this morning and they are still predicting rains and storms on into next week.

This will Katie and Colton in a few months! HA HA!

Cullman County Fair Parade
As you know from my past posts. Katie's school will be walking in tomorrow's County Fair Parade. Unfortunately, I'm afraid they'll have to walk without Katie. I'm sure it's safe and nothing will happen, but Doug and I are a little uneasy about Katie walking along the vehicle, throwing out candy. I'm sure they would allow parents to walk along with the children, but we still feel uneasy about the whole thing. You must follow your instincts. Right? A year or two ago, a little girl was hit by a vehicle while walking along and throwing out candy. We don't want to take any chances after what happened with the little girl. You know what I mean? If they were going to put the children up on a float, while parents walked, I will be willing. Plus, let's not forget the rain that's predicted for tomorrow.

Cullman City's Octoberfest Celebration
Our annual Octoberfest Celebration will be here very soon. This year's celebration will be from October 3rd to October 10th (I think). There will be Arts & Crafts, German Food and other Festivities every day between these days. Of course, let's not forget the Haystack People that Katie loves to see when we drive by. Remember last year, she had to have her picture taken with them. So cute!

Roll Tide Pictures, Images and Photos

Don't forget to watch the Tide Roll Over North Texas tomorrow at 11:30AM CST on SEC aka RAYCOM Network Station.


Roll Tide Pictures, Images and Photos



The Thorsrud Family said...

Did you see the Rocky Mts when you came to ND ?

Laura said...

Roll Tide! So ready for the game since we missed the HOmecoming game at Alise's school because of rain. Wayne lied. He said it was coming on TV. Not where we live. Guess we'll be watching it via laptop after all!

The Mason Bunch said...

Liz - you may not remember because you were a little girl, but me and my parents took a trip (2 wks). When I was a teenager, we travelled all out West, including ND, Yellowstone, NM, etc. It was great!

The Thorsrud Family said...

Thats what I was assuming. I love Beth Moore too. Wish I could go to Jackson!

Sandy Keyes said...

I knew she had relatives there, I guess I had just forgotten about it. We were just in Yellowstone, and it was still beautiful, come visit!