Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today, Katie's ballet class was to dress up in either their Giselle Recital costumes or a non-scary costume. I was so hoping she could still fit into her costume 'cause I just had it dry cleaned along with her flower girl dress. Sure enough, it fit like a glove and I was surprised she actually wanted to wear it. I just knew I was headed for a fight over the costume because she REALLY loves her Ariel aka "The Little Mermaid" costume.

I wanted to experiment with the spray on glitter and make-up, to get an idea for Halloween night. Well, I took too much time because we barely made it to practice in time. Oops! We got there as everyone was headed up stairs to practice. Needless to say, I didn't get to take pictures. Darn! Fortunately, I was able to take a few photos before we left the house, which made us even more late. Oh well.

I didn't get to take pictures of Katie this evening with her Ariel costume, like I promised her. I hated it, but I was very limited in time today. Tomorrow is another day and Lord willing another chance.

Halloween Treat
Spider Cupcakes

These Spider Cupcakes are soo adorable! Katie & I will definitely have to try them out.
I found this recipe on Martha Stewart. What a great way to share time with your little begger than make these adorable little spider cupcakes together.

Prep Time: 20 min.
Bake Time: 18-21 min.
Decoration Time: 25 min.
Difficulty: Easy
Yield: Makes 24 cupcakes.

1 box (18.25 oz.) Devil’s Food cake mix
1 can (16 oz.) dark chocolate frosting
1 can (10.5 oz.) chocolate sprinkles
24 large marshmallows
¼ cup M&M’S® Brand Chocolate Candies
48 red or black licorice laces
1 toothpick

1. Prepare the cake mix according to the package instructions.
2. Line cupcake pans with paper-liners. Fill each cup with 2/3 cup of batter.
3. Bake in a preheated 350°F for 18-21 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack, and cool completely.
4. Reserve 2 tablespoons of the chocolate frosting in a resealable plastic bag.
5. Spread the tops of the cupcakes with the remaining frosting. Then, coat the tops with the chocolate sprinkles.
6. Cut the marshmallows in half crosswise. Using the reserved frosting, attach two marshmallow pieces to each cupcake as eyes. Dot the center of each marshmallow piece with frosting and attach M&M’S® Brand Chocolate Candies. Then, attach another marshmallow piece with frosting and attach M&M’S® Brand Chocolate Candies for the mouth.
7. Cut each licorice lace into four equal pieces. Press four holes into 2 sides of each cupcake using the toothpick. Insert a licorice piece into each hole for each spider’s legs, 8 pieces per cupcake.


Halloween Song
Katie enjoyed me singing her this song. Sing the song below to the tune of "Mary Had A Little Lamb." The part she loved was when you get to the "BOO." I would really express this word as to scare her. She'd start squealing and giggling, "do it again."

Pumpkin Time
Pumpkin time is here again,
Time to play trick or Treat.
Pumpkin time is here again,
Our Spooky friends we'll meet.

See the costumes we have on,
Monsters, ghosts, goblins too.
See the costumes we have on,
Hear us all shout "BOO!"


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