Sunday, October 4, 2009

Prayer Request

I found out last night that my brother-in-law, Kevin, had an operation on his knee. I had asked for prayer for him some time back. Well apparently, he's knee got worse and the doctor decided to operate. Kevin told Doug that the doctor told him, it was the worst he had ever seen. Eeew! Apparently, he is in quite a bit of pain. He hopes to be up and at 'em by deer season. Please ask for God's healing power on Kevin.

I also would like special prayer for someone I know. I can't mention any names, but God knows who he is and his needs. He is facing being put on a list for a lung transplant in the near future. He has a severe case of Infazema and has to take oxygen at night before he goes to bed. He's still very young and I know he can fight it. Of course, he's scared and he's faith is lifted. Talking to his wife, God has a very special plan for this family. It's time, they don't feel they have much of. It will all work out in God's favor, which makes it hard for most of us to understand the "why's?" I ask you to please keep this person and his family in your prayers. Thank you!


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Anonymous said...

I'll keep Kevin in prayer. Didn't know he was having surgery. HUM! Praying also for your friend. Love, Sandy