Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Oh My Baby Boy!

I knew the day was coming, I just didn't know it would be so soon. Can you believe that the month of October is almost over? I'll blink once and March will be here before you know it. Okay, let me get to the point of my title. After changing Colton's diaper, I always sit him in his crib while I throw the diaper away and wash my hands. As I was putting him in his bed, I kind of wanted to see if he could pull up as well, so I set him fairly close to the side rail. Mommy must know these things well in advance before something bad happens. Sure enough, I was walking over to the trash when I looked back and he was standing up, holding on to the railing. You got it, standing up in his bed with all smiles on his face. I ran over to his bed before he even thought about looking down or leaning over the rail. SHOO! So, I set little man on a pallet in the floor, while I moved the bed down. Now, mommy can sleep a little better at night.

Katie's Prayers
I try not to recite the usual memorized prayers to Katie. I just feel that it's better for it to come from the heart without the traditional memorized prayers like I learned. Please don't send me any bad email about it. I see nothing wrong with the memorized prayers, it's just a personal thing with me. You see, growing up that's all I was beginning to think - say the same prayer over and over. It got to where my prayer time was growing bigger and bigger. After awhile, I discovered that I wasn't really talking to God, but working on remembering everything (usual prayers). Now, I just talk to Him because that's all he really wants me to do. Talk to him, tell him what's going on in my life and surroundings, my troubles and trials and those whom I care for and about. I'm trying to sow this seed into Katie.

Katie and I sometimes switch up on who prays. Tonight, I asked her to pray for us. Genuinely coming from her heart, she was telling Jesus all the things she loves. It was so cute. "Jesus, I love you and mom and dad and baby Colton and G'ma Peggy and Paw-Paw Millard and G'ma Jerry and Papa John and Maryann and Kevin and butterflies and unicorns and rainbows and my dolls and Daisy (imaginary friend) and my friends and . . ." Can you tell she got a little off track there for moment? HA HA! I had to direct her back on track and ask what she is thankful for? "I'm thankful for the sun, getting to go out and play and my friends and my mommy and daddy and my dolls and my stuffs and unicorns and rainbows and mermaids and . . ." Then out of the blue, she looked straight at me and told me "God makes all things." "Yeah, you're right baby," I commented. I asked her if she knew what that meant. "Yes," she said. "That means that He made you and daddy and baby Colton and me and G'ma Peggy and Paw-Paw Millard . . . and my movies and my dolls and my fire engine hat." she answered. I had to stop her when she began listing all of her possessions and explained that Jesus made the people that created the movies, dolls and other stuff. Then she got a little puzzled and I think I got through it when she asked me if I made baby Colton in my belly. Oh boy, here we go. I corrected her. I told her that God created Colton, not mommy. God blessed mommy with baby Colton. Wow! She had confusion all over her face at this point. I went on to explain at her level because she began asking "if God put Colton in you, when did he do it? Did he come here and put him in you?" Carefully, I explained that God knew I wanted another baby. He put me to sleep and placed a tiny baby in mommy's belly, just like we plant seeds. She understands the whole growth cycle of a living plant, so I used that method to her in order to make my point. Then, she asked if God came here in the middle of the night to put Colton inside of me and how did he put Colton in me. "Did you see him mom?" she asked. "No" I assured her that you don't see God, but he is every where and he sees and hears everything. Apparently, I got the point across to her, for her to understand, because she was fine with that answer. Shoo!

Orange Party
Tomorrow's the "Orange Party" and I've got pictures, pictures and plan to make more pictures to show you. So, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see everything. I've enjoyed making the children's treats for tomorrow, I just hope they like their snack. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Precious story about Katie's prayers and talks about God! As for Colton... Look out Katie, little brother is growing up fast! Keep the stories about the kids coming, we love to hear them. Love, Sandy

Laura said...

That's WAY too much "birds and the bees" talk for me!! I'm just thankful that I haven't gotten to that point yet!

The Mason Bunch said...

Laura, I hate to tell ya girl, but your time is coming. Besides, I'm glad that Katie trusts me enough to come to me and ask me questions. Trust me when I say, I'd want to be the one to explain things to her then some else. The way I see it, it's my responibility to teach her about things at her level in her time. Sure, it can be uncomfortable, but I want to be the one to sit with her. Just think, it's only going to gets worse.

The Thorsrud Family said...

Ya, I heard statistics a few weeks ago from a church study group on teenagers, on that subject. I was surprised how early you should talk to your kids! Now days kids are talking EARLY. There is a book set I want to give Maddie for Christmas that also touches on this subject very lightly. I'll have to find out what the books are and let you know. Talk early. They will find out, and kids are kids...they dont have a clue what they are talking about.

Carrie Woods said...

Precious stories!

Laura said...

I'm still not ready. Alise asking me when she's going to get a baby brother is as good as it gets at my house. I tell her to keep praying. Ha!