Sunday, October 4, 2009

Doug's Trip - Part I - Lompoc, California

ULA shipped a rocket to their Pacific launch site. The rocket will be launched sometime next year. Doug was asked to fly out to Vandenburg Air Force Base in California to be of some assistance. This was the first time Doug and I have been apart for a whole week. It was hard to manage without him, but I think I made it. The children kept me pretty busy while he was gone. Of course, we spoke to each other at least once a day. I know, we're pitiful.

Doug flew out of the Huntsville Airport, had a lay over at the Denver Airport and went straight to Santa Barbara, CA from there. He really liked Santa Barbara and from the pictures, I think I would have as well.

Santa Barbara Airport - very small airport

He rented a car and drove to Lompac, CA, which isn't far from Vandenburg AFB. He said it was very rural and mountainous countryside and from the pictures, very pretty. Lompoc, California is known for nothing but their agriculture - farmland & ranches and flower fields. Their claim to fame is their annual Flower Festival, which is held every June.

Flower Fields - Lompoc, CA

. . . Tomorrow I'll write about Solvang, California aka Danish Country.

Movies In Review
X-Men Origin: Wolverine
was a great prequel about the live of Logan, Wolverine. I just love Hugh Jackman and if you're a fan of the X-Men comics or movies, you'll enjoy this movie.

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past was hilarious! Doug actually rented this movie for me because he knows how I LOVE Matthew McConaughey. He didn't think it would be all that. Oh but it was and more. I think this was a great chickflick and even Doug laughed. It is so worth renting! It's a must see.

Management was a huge disappointment for me because I just love Jennifer Aniston. Whom ever is getting her in these crumby films needs to move on and leave her alone. I love her in the fun loving, comedy movies. I guess I shouldn't be so rough on this movie because it was cute and sweet at the end, but it had a long hard time grabbing and keeping my attention. Don't rent this unless you are desperate and alone.

Prayer Request
I found out tonight that someone I went to school with just passed away. He was much younger than me. His sister was a year younger than I and a real sweetheart. I was told his sister, Brandy, found him dead this morning at her place. I don't know the details and all I know is he has been active in Ultimate Fighting. Please keep this family in your prayers.



Laura said...

Very surprised by the size of the Santa Barbara Airport!

I didn't like "Girlfriends." I thought it was a bit to raunchy and shed a different light on Mr. McConaghey that I'd rather not see. I couldn't quit looking for Mrs. Affleck's pregnant belly, too.

Allison said...

You are so sweet. Thanks for remembering Arwen in your prayer list. Sleep was better last night, but still a bit of a challenge. I'll be praying for you and Doug and Colton and Katie too, as well as the others on your list. How's Colton sleeping?