Sunday, October 18, 2009

Playing Around With JibJab

I've been playing around with JibJab and created these little productions. (lol!) It was a lot of fun doing them. I hope you enjoy them! If you don't already know, these are me and my sisters.

"The Brindley 5"
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You've met "The Brindley 5," now meet the men in their lives. (lol!) Aren't they adorable! Hunk-a-burnin'love!
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. . . and these are our wonderful and very handsome husbands.



thekeyes said...

OMG! wrong in so many ways.. but really funny! I was talking about the boy video! haha the girl one was cute too.

Laura said...

Is this what you meant in your last post about "getting back to work?" Ha!

The Mason Bunch said...

I saw these videos on JibJab and had to do it. It was perfect for us sisters and brother-in-laws.

I still have lots of work to do, but with Colton back being very fussy, I may have to make a priority list. I really believe that he has some more teeth coming in. Yesterday, he ran a temp around 100 degrees most of the day & night and pretty fussy. Today, his fever was gone, but still very fussy. All I could do was stand around and hold him. Katie was getting mad at me because I wasn't paying much attention to her. Ugh! Sometimes, I wished you could just split me in half, but something else would come up and there you go. Please pray for me.

Anonymous said...

I love these. Yes, our men are hunks! Love, Sandy

Anonymous said...

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