Friday, October 23, 2009

Orange Party

I believe the "Orange Party" was a success! Each children received a bag of goodies for a snack (cookies, chocolates, gummies, Teddy Grahams, candy, Halloween pencils, etc.) along with a "Happy Halloween" card, signed by Katie and a Hi-C juice box. All the children dug into their bags of treats, giggled and chattered the whole time. I got to know each one of Katie's little friends a little more. Claire asked if Katie could go home with her. I told her that I didn't care, but her mommy had to call me first to see if it was alright. Me-Me told me that her birthday was coming soon, next week, and she wanted a "Barbie Three Muskateer" movie. They were all so adorable! Of course, they were all bouncing off the walls as soon as I got there. I'm sure their mothers appreciated me giving them sugar for a snack to really make them bounce off the walls. Ha Ha! Overall I think everyone had a good time. Below are a few pictures of our big party day.

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Next week, Katie has a Halloween Dress Up Ballet Class and a Halloween Dress Up Party at school. She is so excited! On the Halloween/Pumpkin Party, all the children will be making pumpkin pancakes. Katie is suppose to bring the Crisco. The parents are invited, but I don't know if Doug will be off work that day or not. We'll have to see.

Saturday, I think we'll do our usual run. I'll take our little beggars to their grandparents and other relatives to do a little Trick or Treating. Later, we will head to church, Northbrook Baptist Church for the Fall Festival. I will try to take a few pictures of the children in their costumes for you to see before my usual Halloween photos.

Congratulations Doug!
I'm proud to announce that Doug is an official graduate from DeVry College. It was official today, Doug received his Bachelors Degree in Business Science of Technological Management (I hope I didn't chop that up too much). He wants to take some time off before deciding if he wants to go for his Masters. We (family and friends) are so proud of him and knows how glad he is to finally get done with school.

To celebrate, we (Doug and I) went out to eat. We decided, last minute, to try "Connors Steak and Seafood Restaurant." I wished we decided to go here well in advance because you definitely need to make reservations whenever you eat here. As soon as we started eating our meal, we knew why we would need reservations. Oh my gosh! Everything was delicious! Doug got their special dish, Boursin Filet with a Caesar Salad and Baked Potato. I ordered the 8 oz. Prime Rib with House Salad and Baked Potato. Oh my my my! We shared a bite of each other's steak and they were absolutely delicious! The steak was so smooth and very tasty. The only Connors Steakhouse is located in Knoxville, TN and Huntsville, AL. If you ever have the chance to eat here, you must. We highly recommend our meals that we ordered tonight. I spoke to a lady in the waiting area and she said this was her 10th visit because her and her husband love their steaks. You won't be disappointed. The one thing, I'd advise is that you be sure to make reservations. You can visit their website HERE. We had a great time at Bridge Street Town Centre. I found Katie a sweet fallish polka dot cordouroy jumper from Gymboree on sale for $15.99, it was regular $34.75. She's got a pair of leggings that would go good with them. I love Barnes and Noble, so I visited them while Doug was at his favorite store, The Apple Store.

The Wizard of OZ Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm sure you're aware that "The Wizard of Oz" is coming out soon in Blu-ray for their 70th Anniversary celebration. I don't know about other bookstores, but Barnes and Noble had "The Wizard of Oz" stuff everywhere. I found a sweet (if that can happen) Madame Alexander Wicked Witch of the West stuffed doll. I immediately thought of Katie. As most of you know, she is a big "The Wizard of Oz" fan and one of her favorite characters is the Wicked Witch. I had to get it for her for Halloween. They had other movie characters, but I got the last wicked witch they had on display. I wanted to get Katie a book, but all the books I wanted to add to our library were no less than $13. I wanted to get her a paperback of "The Spider and the Fly," but according to the clerk they don't sell the paperback. Ugh! "The Princess and the Frog" is out, but I couldn't see purchasing a hardback $10 for a book that Katie may not enjoy. I had in my hand the story of "The Little House" and nearly decided to get this classic when I noticed "Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving." Yep, that's it! She loves the "Charlie Brown stories" and I thought she might like it better. I went ahead and gave her the doll tonight, but I'll keep the book for another time. I've been looking for Colton a bath book, something that he could chew on and I won't worry about it too much. I couldn't decide between "The Rainbow Fish" and "Baby Einstein, Who Lives In The Pond?" The first book is a great children's story. I've checked it out at the library before and read it to Katie when she was smaller. I decided to go with the second book. Colton seems to like it, especially since he can chew on it.

Prayer Request
Please keep in your prayers -
My neighbor, Jeff W., he is suffering my Rectal Cancer. He is 39 years old with a family and having a very hard time. He has undergone surgery and treatments, but his mother told my neighbor, Ms. Evelyn, that it doesn't look good at all.

Ms. Evelyn has been having stomach problems for the past several days. Her doctor has been working with her and ruling out all the obvious diagnosis. Tuesday, she is to undergo a scan of her stomach and abdomen area. If the results come back normal, they will schedule an appointment to run a light down her throat. She isn't under a lot of pain, but it comes and goes.

Movies In Review
Finally, I have to introduce to you some really great movie selections for you this weekend, while you're not watch Bama run all over those Volunteers.

"The Proposal" starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds was a great romantic comedy I've seen in awhile. So funny! Doug even liked it, so you know it's good. I plan on adding it to my library.

"Transformers Revenge of The Fallen" is a great action film. Believe it or not, but I like the Transformer movies. They have a great story line that keeps my attention and Doug gets his action fix for the week. Hey guys, if you have surround sound, this would be a great choice for you.

I highly recommend both of these movies for you. I don't think you'll be disappointed.




Sandy said...

I see you enjoy being the snack lady! I loved it! Always tried to make it special for the kids. I loved planning their parties too, loved it so much that I ended up being "Room Mom" for five consecutive years! And was the soccer "Snack Lady" for six years! Love, Sandy

Laura said...

Congratulations, Doug! Do you feel any smarter?

Loved the Orange Party pics!! Mi, you did a great job on the cookies! So cute! And those ghost suckers remind me of when I was in kindegarten! I remember making those!

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies! Also Rainbow Fish was one of Ems favorite books...still is. It is such a cute story. We even came across a Rainbow Fish DVD. It is not the same story, but the same characters.